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Sacrificial 30 Days of Block B Challenge: Day 15
Wowie. So this marks the halfway point, guys.
Oh, don't be so sad, here's something of great importance to cheer you up~
What's today's challenge?
15. Which member do you wish was your older brother?
Hmm... Well I already have an older brother, but if I could choose another, who happened to be a member of Block B, I would choose...


I did actually have a hard time deciding, but after thinking about it carefully, I knew it had to be him (DESPITE MY OBVIOUS ATTRACTION TOWARDS HIM ! ! !)
To begin,
The guy is such a goof. He'd be that kind of brother who would mess with you and tease you constantly, just for the sake of fulfilling the brotherly role.
I could see him as being very protective as a brother, and very caring when need be. If you're getting bullied or having boy issues or anything, he would not hesitate to step in.
Lastly, he'd always want your attention, no matter what mood you're in. If you're in a bad mood, he'd bother you to make you smile. If you're in a good mood, he'd bother you to make you even happier.
And he'd be persistent too! Like, not with an annoying voice or anything, but he wouldn't let you off the hook if you didn't tell him what was bugging you.
That concludes today's challenge! See you tomorrow!
Honey B Squad:
Tagging my Fellow BBCs:
See ya around~!
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ah good choice, I think I'd want Zico as an older brother so I could have a really strong role model. I mean just as you have your older brother I have mine and he's my role model now but I think growing up with Zico and watching him become successful would be amazing and also we have a lot in common I think. His personality would be one I could get along with easily
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@TheEnlightment Why the fuck didn't you do the goddamn challenge
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@CosmicCassidy I was gonna actually but now I don't feel like it. I'll do some other challenge or something. sorry fam
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