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This is just a discussion/rant where I'll be adding more parts. This is just a post to show what I wanted to talk about after every issue that's been here and there in the fandom. We've all possibly heard the drama and had our thoughts. I've decided to share what I thought and wondered what you've all thought on the same topic. The following are my opinions so it's alright if you don't agree with them. There are always going to be people that view things in many various ways. I know I'm not always right because I'm human..
This first topic is how the ARMY fandom has really changed ever since BTS had come out with the HYYH series. BTS was a small fandom when they had debuted because they were still new and people were still finding them out. Everyone was nice, sweet, and incredible. But about one to two years when BTS released the HYYH series the fandom grows out to the point where half or maybe even a bit more than half are people that show hate. It could even be mainly by their appearance. When BTS came out with their Summer Package people told J-Hope that he should "Leave Bangtan" and how Jimin had "Lost his abs". I never really cared about Jimin for his abs. All I really cared about was.. "How's his day?", "Is he still smiling?", "Is everything okay?". But it's human instincts to see how a person looks when you meet them. As you grow with BTS you'll soon find out how they're personalities shine much more brighter than they're appearance. It's the reason why I always smile. ARMYs have been showing a bunch of hate lately and thinking of spreading rumors that would make us feel like a bad fandom. #cutforkookie was a really bad idea. If Jungkook was dating just leave him alone and support his relationship. But please don't hate and cut for someone that you know wouldn't be Jungkook. Think before you post. "What would Bangtan think if I were to post this?"
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I think a lot of this applies to all big fandoms....or maybe we just don't hear as much about the nasty stuff in smaller fandoms. I love BTS and all 7 of the boys (yes, they are boys to me), but I do not call myself a member of ARMY. The same applies for EXO. I will say I'm a Melody, a MonBebe, or a Hottest (and there are a few others).