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This is just a discussion/rant where I'll be adding more parts. This is just a post to show what I wanted to talk about after every issue that's been here and there in the fandom. We've all possibly heard the drama and had our thoughts. I've decided to share what I thought and wondered what you've all thought on the same topic. The following are my opinions so it's alright if you don't agree with them. There are always going to be people that view things in many various ways. I know I'm not always right because I'm human..
The next discussion is how us ARMYs have to show hate towards other ARMYs. A week or so ago an ARMY got put out for so much hate because she loved Jimin so much that she wanted to give him a confession letter. If you love Bangtan would you give them a confession letter even if it meant you know you'd be getting a bunch of hate from the ARMYs around you? I would. I know that the ARMY fandom has changed recently because of how there are some ARMYs that love their idol so much to the point that they don't want others to bias the same idol. If you love your idol and you want to give them a confession letter... Go for it! I know BTS would love to hear what you have to say. It could even be very meaningful to them. BTS is the type of group to hear what their fans have to say. Yes I mean everything. So those of you that are telling a member to "Leave Bangtan"... Well you just affected the way the member feels. The #HugNamjoon started because he had gotten so much hate and unequal love as much as the other members. I'm really happy he's getting more attention now and so is the rest of hyung line. ARMYs show so much love to maknae line it feels like hyung line isn't really there (despite the people that already bias hyung line). Yes I know you like maknae line but there's also hyung line so remember to show BTS equal love as you would to ARMY.
I really love this, it almost made me have a second thought of joining the army fandom but the fans are becoming too much with hate and so much petty actions just because your bias lost his abs or seeing someone with your bias and telling them to leave, I'm glad jimin is eating again instead of having abs because it tells you that he is being healthy and feeling good about yourself....I was there when they debuted but when the hyyh came out it became less peaceful and more of "why are you doing this?"
@Kaileexlee I still support them but not as a fandom but just as myself
Thank you! I've been with them since they debuted too and I've seen the crazy dramatic changes that were added to the fandom. It was quite crazy. No matter how much hate and less peaceful the fandom is I'll still love them because I love BTS for who they are without showing an act to ARMY. @SimplyAwkward