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Ready to play another game of Block-B word Scramble? Don't worry, I Made this one a little bit easier and I'll give you guys some Hints. This one will also last longer. I will let the game last until Wednesday. you only have one Chance, ya know. Once you've commented your answer, that answer is final and cannot be taken back. All answers will all be Block-B related and will either be a Member, song or Album. Don't let the pics fool you. The picture above each block has nothing related to the answer below, they are simply for Decoration. Winner gets a special mention in a card announcing the winners. Little tip: pay close attention to the Dashes and Spaces between them. If there's a space between the dash, it's the indication of another word. The dashes indicate how many letters there are. Ready? Hana, Dul,..SET!
1. H Y E T I G B A L C Z O There are 5 letters. -----
2. T H C K U O G E O I O There are 11 letters. ----- ------
3. L B H I E T G T E B O Z There are 10 letters -- --- -----
4. J Z I O Y O H O P G N There are 9 letters --- ------
5. O I O M V E S E R Z B K There are 10 letters -----'- ----
6. O B Z U B P M B T There are 5 letters -----
7. E T E H L M L T P U There are 8 letters ---- ----
8. K U W E R A Z E There are 6 letters ------
9. Z U F E R E I P U E There are 6 letters ------
10. Y M U O E R M I A Y R U A O R I E There are 14 letters. - -- ---, --- --- -- Hint: look at the dashes.

You can Leave your Answer in the comments.

Have fun, You guys! 🤗

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1. Taeil 2. Tough Cookie 3. Be The Light 4. Pyo Jihoon 5. Movie's Over (?) 6. B-bomb 7. Tell Them 8. Eureka 9. Freeze 10. I am you, you are me