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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 2 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman. (Quick side note the name Ok is pronounced Awk in korean it means treasured)
Tao's POV For a long time, Zitao had been unhappy. His father set him up on a date with a girl that honestly didn't fit his type. She wasn't nice, she was very critical, she was a materialistic girl which only meant she'd gravitate towards the son of the CEO for a fashion designing company. She was vain and she had a wandering eye, nothing about her spelled a good relationship, still he agreed to be with her because his father had wanted it. She was the daughter of a CEO to another company and with them dating the press was all over the two companies. His girlfriend, Ok, and him had been together for at least three years now and she had the habit of pretending to be sweet in front of most people including their parents. Tao went along with it but he never liked her, he hated her kisses, he hated how she drenched herself in perfumes, he hated how she walked around like she was the greatest thing since fur coats. She was an annoyance and she was just added stress in his life. For the life of him, he couldn't remember who told him about the website or why he even bothered to join but he had. A website where people could talk anonymously in group chats or private chats. Everything was separated by communities and so he joined one that spoke about fashion. All the people he was talking to were friendly and he enjoyed it but it wasn't until Dreamgirl joined the chat that he'd really gotten into it. She spoke so passionately about fashion and she was giving people tips on what outfits to put together. She started talking to him because of his pen name. Dreamgirl: Mr. Sandman, I love that song! Bring me a dream, make him the cutest that I've ever seen. She had little musical notes by the lyrics and then sent a smiling face. He knew the song but not well the song wasn't even why he chose the name though. He had a tattoo on the back of his neck of an hourglass and that's where the name came from. He didn't tell her that, he let her think it was because of the song. They started talking in private after that and a few months went by before he revealed his frustrations about the girl he was dating. How she was nothing but a snob but that breaking up with her would make his father unhappy. He was trying to find some way to leave without causing problems but he wasn't entirely sure what he could do. She revealed that she was angry at her boyfriend for cheating on her but she couldn't leave him, they had been together for five years; she had known him for so long it was hard for her to just walk away. She hated him but she loved him at the same time and she wanted to leave but her heart wouldn't let her. He partly understood how she felt. Being with someone that didn't really want them but staying with them anyway. They each had their own reasons why they should leave but both had very real reasons why they stayed. Tao didn't know who had it worse, staying because of his father or her staying because she still loved him. That was the first and only time they went in depth about their relationships, they would every once and a while bring up how their partners were pissing them off but they both preferred talking about fashion and places they like to eat. Just general things friends would talk about, over the course of several months Tao had become bolder in how he talked her, initiating flirting and surprised that she flirted back. He wanted to see her but she always turned him down. He could understand why but he didn't give up, for some reason he felt a strong pull towards her that he'd never gotten with anyone else before. When she had texted him last night, he was out clubbing with Ok; she'd gone off to dance and he went to sit down in the V.I.P section. He thought about chatting with Dreamgirl but she said earlier she was throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend. Even though she still loved him, he thought it was silly to put so much effort into things like that when she knew he was cheating. She was only allowing herself to stay attached but he couldn't exactly hand out advice, especially when he was putting up with an annoyance of his own. He was happy when she contacted him but the conversation had been brief. Her boyfriend didn't want her on her phone and she was listening to him. That kind of annoyed him, this morning he got a message from her before he went into work. She asked if he really wanted to meet him; he smiled thinking she was just playing with him but she was very serious. Her boyfriend must've done something to really get to her that made her want to meet him in real life. Where ever they were going to meet, it had to be some place private. Not that he was ashamed of meeting her but they were both seeing someone else. He was pretty famous and neither one of them wanted to be discovered. He thought for a second and realized there was a restaurant near the beach that was open in late hours of the night, they had private rooms and it was on the farther end of the beach where not many people went. It was small and intimate but it definitely provided privacy. He sent her the time and location and in seconds she answered. Dreamgirl: Alright I'll see you there, I'll ttyl. He didn't respond, she probably didn't want her boyfriend to find out about the meeting. He was probably hounding her about who she was texting. He seemed possessive even if Tao hadn't met him he knew that any time she wrote 'ttyl' it was because she had to get off quickly otherwise she would say goodbye or goodnight and send some sort of sticker with it. He pocketed his phone and headed out the door. Ok was still getting ready and he didn't feel like waiting for her. She'd probably just call a car and go meet some guy anyway. As unfaithful as he was being, she had done it first. She was seeing other men right after their first date. Ok didn't want him, she just wanted what his fame offered her and that was enough for her to stay. Tao walked into the building heading to the elevator, Y/N running up behind him and getting in. He looked at her from behind his shades. Her hair was slightly falling out of her clip, her clothes were still a bit disheveled and she was panting from running. She wasn't late but she always liked to be in the building before his father and especially before him. She hated him and he was responsible for that. He teased her a lot and gave her trouble when he could but she had no idea how much he respected her and her talent. She was smart and sophisticated, she had a class to her that he secretly wished Ok had. What bothered him about her was that she was the closet thing to his type of girl. He wanted her to be his girl the first day she walked through the door. She wasn't interested in the least. For one, she was against dating people from work and she was already seeing some guy. He later found out it was a rapper named Chanyeol. He had heard about him and listened to a few of his songs. He could admit that he liked them but only to himself. He always talked badly about the songs to Y/N to get a rise out of her because it was funny to him to see her upset. He tripped her a few days ago on accident but she had assumed it was on purpose. As payback, he claimed he'd have his father fire her if she didn't apologize. She had no idea how valuable she was to his father as an assistant though. Her organization skills were through the roof she really kept him going. "You're a bit late today aren't you." he said "Tao not right now I'm not in the mood." "You never are when I'm around." he said. She just pinched the bridge of her nose with a sigh. Tao could see a bruise on her neck when she bent her neck. "What's this, your boyfriend leave a little hickey for you to remember him by?" He lifted his hand touching it but she backed up slapping his hand away looking at him shocked. She moved over to the corner, farther away from him and fixed her collar. She pulled her clip out and let her hair fall down messing it up so it covered the mark. Tao was confused by that, she seemed really defensive rather than upset. She didn't say another word to him and once the elevator door opened up she walked out regaining her sophisticated composure. The way she walked down the hall to his father's office made him smile. If Dreamgirl was anything like her he'd have fun for once in his life. Y/N's POV The place Mr. Sandman had sent to you was farther out than you expected. You knew it was near the beach but you'd never heard of the restaurant. Chanyeol had come back into the bedroom seeing you sitting up on the bed typing on your phone. "Who are you talking to this early?" he said annoyed already. You looked up at him after sending Mr.Sandman a quick goodbye text. You then turned to your closet and got up to start looking for something to wear to work. "I told you my co-worker was excited that she had a date." "So what she's still talking to you about it?" "Yeah." you said blandly. You were slipping a black pencil skirt on and then buttoning up a white dress shirt. You tucked it in and came back out of the closet looking for your pantyhose. "You dress up too much just for work." he said. "I have to dress up because it's a business Chanyeol I'm not allowed to go in dressed like a whore like some of your back up dancers." "What the hell is that supposed to me?" he snapped. Opps, you may have gotten a little too irritated about that call. Now wasn't the time to get into a fight though. Blowing him off wouldn't be good damage control, you sighed composing yourself as you put your nude colored pantyhose on. "It's just that your in a business where women are able to dress a lot more freer that I am. Honestly, I don't mind it." "I do, you shouldn't look that sexy in front of other men." He stood up and wrapped himself around you from behind. He was looking at you in the full body mirror you were standing in front of and his hands started to tug at the buttons on you shirt to undress you, "Chanyeol stop, I just got dressed and I have to be outside for Sehun to pick me up." you said. You forced yourself away from him and walked away but he caught your arm, "I want you now." he said. "I don't have time I need go." you said. You snatched your arm back and walked out of the bedroom and grabbed your bag. Chanyeol leaned against the threshold of your bedroom door. The look in his eyes was annoyance. "You keep coming up with excuses not to let me touch you. You are cheating on me aren't you?" "Chanyeol we slept together last night didn't we?" "I had to guilt you into it. Who is it Y/N? Is it Sehun? I saw that look he gave you yesterday." You scoffed, "You're imagining things." "You're lying to me, I'm not imagining that." he growled. "Are you working late tonight?" you asked ignoring his accusations. You were slipping your shoes on by the door. You didn't notice he was walking up to you. You went to look back at him when he didn't answer and his hand met your neck. His other hand met your waist and he pushed you against the wall holding you there. Your arm was pressed to his chest which kept the distance between you two. "You're not answering my question Y/N, are you or are you not cheating on me?" "Chanyeol let go of me." you struggled. His grip on your waist and neck tightened, the bruise from yesterday made you wince, the pressure to your neck wasn't enough to make you stop talking but it was a warning. He was angry; you could see it in his eyes. He was cheating on you and he had the nerve to be jealous, to put his hands on you, to complain when you wouldn't sleep with him? He was making your blood boil but you couldn't make him angrier than he already was. You just had to answer the question and he'd let you go. "I'm not seeing Sehun." you said "Are you fucking cheating on me?" he yelled. "No! Now let go!" you yelled back. A car horn sounded three times from outside the house Sehun had shown up. If you made him wait too long he'd come in. "That's Sehun, I have to get to work." You said. His grip tightened on your neck now slightly choking you, "Y/N you belong to me if I find out that you're seeing someone else you both will regret it." "Chan you're hurting me let go." You said now pushing him. He leaned into you more making it hard for you to move and he kissed you. It was the kind of kiss where you knew he was showing you he claimed you. That you were his but you honestly didn't want him touching you right now. He had pissed you off, you turned your head to release your lips from his. "You keep doing it."he said upset. "You need to get to work and so do I." You were pissed and it showed, that further annoyed him but you were able to push him away and walk out the door fast enough that he didn't have time to regroup and grab you unless he wanted Sehun to see him hurt you. You hurried over to the car getting in the passenger's side. "What took you so long?" Sehun said. "Nothing please just go." you said frustrated. Sehun drove off but you could see his worried look from the corner of your eye. He didn't bother saying it; you knew he wanted to tell you to leave him. He knew you two had fought and that's why you were silent. You wanted to leave, you wanted to pack everything you owned and burn some of his things and just go. You just couldn't let go, it was like you liked the pain. You had started crying a little silently while touching your neck, it was throbbing a bit. "Y/N what did he do to you?" Sehun asked. "It's nothing Sehun just leave it alone." "Why are you crying if it's nothing?" he said. You just looked it the window wiping your tears not answering him. He didn't deserve your anger, he only wanted to help but you didn't want to talk about it. Chanyeol always grabbed your waist or your wrists it was the first time he ever grabbed you by the neck. His threatening manner only made you believe that if you did work up the courage to leave he would hurt you. You didn't want to touch him, you didn't want him touching you. You wanted him to leave you, just tell you that it was over. He could get upset about the thought of you cheating but he was allowed to screw anything with a hole? It pissed you off to love someone so poisonous, he wasn't like this before. You had gathered that all you could do was pacify him for now. If he wanted you, you'd have to give in or risk a worse fate. Him just claiming that you and anyone you were sleeping with behind his back would regret it made you think he was getting too aggressive. Sehun pulled up to the building, you checked the time on your phone and then hopped out of the car. You made your way to the driver's side and bent down to thank him for the ride. when you were about to stand back up Sehun grabbed your wrist and pulled you back down. "You can't keep letting him do this to you. It'll only get worse for you. Leave him." "I can't-I still love him." "You're in love with who he used to be. The Chanyeol you knew years ago doesn't exist anymore Y/N why can't you realize that? You need to leave him." "Listen, he thinks that we're sleeping together for some reason so maybe we should stop meeting up for a while just to ease his mind." "Y/N." he said hurt. "I'm just looking out for you." You gave him a soft smile and ruffled his hair and said one last thank you before running into the building. You ended up catching the elevator with Tao, which didn't help your morning at all. You knew he was going to start something with you even though you stood there not speaking a word. "You're a bit late today aren't you." he said "Tao not right now, I'm not in the mood." "You never are when I'm around." he said. You could only sigh but when he made a comment about a hickey on your neck and went to go touch it you backed away. You must've looked horrified because even he looked surprised by your reaction. You were embarrassed and went to fix your shirt and let your hair down to cover the bruise. A bruise from Chanyeol's thumb digging into the side of your neck had already started forming. You cursed to yourself but all you could do was remember to keep your composure. Once the elevators opened, you walked out and headed to your boss' office. The sooner you could get to work the quicker you could relax. You were mostly occupied with Mr.Huang's meetings for the day. Tao's girlfriend stopped by to see him and you couldn't help but chuckle to yourself when his face slightly looked disgusted for a second. You couldn't believe everyone else didn't see he was faking it, he hated that girl. That smile wasn't genuine at all and her's was even faker. It was none of your business though so you stayed out of it. You had your own problems to deal with. You got a message from Mr.Sandman while you were in a meeting: Mr.Sandman: I can't wait to see you tonight I'm really excited. When you get there ask for Mr.Sandman's party. Dreamgirl: Okay. I'm excited too after the day I've had I could use a friend. I have to go right now though I'm in a meeting. Mr.Sandman: Okay sorry bye. Dreamgirl: Bye. You looked up to see Tao's head raising from looking at something under the table. You were surprised he would be doing anything other than paying attention to his father. He must've been really bored. Your day finally calmed down, afterwards you got the inevitable text that Chanyeol was working late and he told you not to wait up for him. You scoffed; he was unbelievable. You got a ride back to your house from Sehun but you took your car and drove to the sight Mr.Sandman had texted you to go to. When you walked in you did as he asked and asked for the Mr.Sandman party. There were intimate little tables out in the open but behind those open tables were doors. A hostess led you to one of the doors in the back. She opened the door for you and told you to enjoy your meal. You thanked her and turned to see his back facing you he was looking out the window but something about his stance seemed familiar. "Mr.Sandman?" you said sweetly. He turned around and his eyebrows raised and you looked shocked, your mouth opening, "You." you said. "You're Dreamgirl?" he said surprised. "I have to go." you said turning and heading for the door. "Y/N wait!" He caught your arm and stopped you, his long legs helped him get to you quicker than you could get out. You looked at him annoyed and he sighed, he took back his hand and placed it on the back of his neck. Why of all people did it have to be him? The one that pissed you off at work was the same guy you had shared many conversations with, details about your broken relationship and flirted with. Him, your boss' son. What were you supposed to do now?
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