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Hello! This is my third card and it's an introduction to a fanfiction I've been working on.
I haven't posted in a long time because I just moved to Japan a few months ago and things have been hectic. My job keeps me quite busy. I finally started getting some periodic downtime over the last month or so and this story was floating around in my head. I finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, I suppose) and started writing. I didn't want to post anything until it was finished because I didn't know when I'd have time to write. This turned out to be a good thing because it also allowed me to change some things as I went, allowing for a, hopefully, more pleasant story. This is my first actual fanfiction so I hope that people enjoy it. Below is my synopsis.
Rose is an American living and working in Korea for the past two years. She likes to keep busy and has never left herself time to date. This was fine while she was in college, but now that she finally has time to date, she has a problem: she has a huge crush on a celebrity singer. She is an English tutor and translator who works in her friend’s company. She works with major Korean businesses, individuals, and entertainment companies. Rose also has a small celebrity status herself thanks to a right-place, right-time situation. She enjoys her job because she gets to meet new people (sometimes hot celebrities—not that it matters >.>). She works with BigBang, EXO, GOT7, and many other bands on an as-needed basis. She even works with her biases for the different groups. No problems. Everything is great until she finds out that her next client is BigHit entertainment, specifically BTS. Not only is her ultimate bias in that group, but she’s afraid that she actually likes him as more than just a celebrity crush. She can’t like like more than one person at a time, so all she wants is to get past it so that she can find a regular guy to fall for. It shouldn’t be a problem. She already knows that he would never look at her, but to go through it in person should finally be enough to get her to get over him. Right? With her haunting past, can the BTS boys become her friends? Or will it be too much for them to handle? For him to handle...
I hope you enjoyed the synopsis. I need to spend some time doing some final editing, but hopefully it will be ready soon. I don't have anyone to read and give me opinions on it because my friends back home aren't really into kpop or BTS so they wouldn't understand the underlying nuances, etc. So hopefully, it doesn't turn out too bad. Also, let me add that my name is not Rose, it's just a name I like, therefore, the username. I plan on uploading the story everyday or every other day, work and vacation schedule allowing and based on feedback. Fair warning, even though I am a BTS fan, I don't know everything about them. Therefore, there are a lot of creative...allowances in my writing. Hopefully, it won't detract from the story. Most writers that I read on here already have a follower base so I'm not sure how everything works. Soo....I guess, if you'd like to be tagged for my story, please let me know. And if you have any questions or suggestions, I'd be more than happy to try to reply. And, before I forget, this is not going to be a steamy romance story. There will be no smut. There is one or two times where it gets about PG-13, but that's it. There will be a scattering of cursing because, well, adults do that sometimes. But I tried to keep it to a minimum. I will try to remember to post warnings for anything that may cause offense. Also, I apologize in advance for my excessive use of commas (blame the American school system) and repetition in word usage. Trying to learn Japanese and basically only speaking Japanese or simple English makes it hard for my brain to think of more flavorful wordage. That aside, I hope you can look forward to my story. Because I live in Japan, the times I upload my chapters may be a little weird, so I apologize in advance.
And, any writers on here, please feel free to message me with any advice. I am always looking for advice and constructive criticism. Thank you!!!