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Namjoon POV It’s finally Saturday and as promised I took the kids to the amusement park and things were going as plan until something I wasn’t expecting happened. “Kids are you ready to go. I can’t be late” I said “Yes uncle joonie but we’re not sure if omma and uncle jiminie are” both kids said at the same time. I swear sometimes they scare the living hell out of me because most of the times they answer at the same time. Maybe is a twin thing but I can get used to it? “Namjoon, I'm not ready I still have somethings to do. So I don’t think that we’ll be able to go today maybe another time if that’s ok with you?” said Y/n I can’t let this chance slide out of my hands like that I need to do something “Hey Y/N how bout I take them there and you come after you’re done doing what you need to do?” “I don’t know Namjoon I don’t think the kids would want to go without me. They’re not used to going to places without me. Also I don’t think I’ll be able to make it” “Omma you promised us that we could go with uncle joonie to the park” said Nari “Omma please I promised we’ll be good and won’t cause any trouble please omma?” said Haneul “I don’t know I’m not sure about this…” “Aww come on Y/N I’ll take good care of them and Namjoon will be there too” said jimin “I promise to be very careful of them and look after them like they were my own kids” said jimin with a puppy face “I’ll bring Yoongi along with me too it could be like a date for us and still look after the twins. So what do say….can Yoongi and I take them with Namjoon t the park?” asked jimin “Well….ok but I’ll be going too after I finish what I need to do I’ll catch up with you guys and you can have your date with Yoongi and I’ll have a playdate with the twins ok!” said Y/N not to convince on letting the twins go “Yay thanks omma we love you and we’ll see each other at the park” said Nari and Haneul at the same time “Thanks Y/N and I promise you that I’ll look after them like a hawk and won’t let them out of my sight “well ok I'm trusting you jimin you better look after them real close because they like to play pranks on people and hid from them so DON’T LET THEM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT GOT IT!!!!” said Y/N with a bit of threat on her voice “Ok I got don’t worry I’ll take care of them” “Can you please keep me inform about this and look after my kids and jimin please Namjoon? I know you’re calmer and responsible with kids so please keep an eye on them especially jimin he gets distracted easily especially when Yoongi is there!” ‘uh...oh yeah don’t worry… we’ll be heading out now I don’t want to be late. We’ll see you there then. Call me when you get there ok” I said “come on everyone lets go we don’t want to be late and get stuck in line for a long time. So let’s get moving” I said and started to walk out and thinking about what to do now, that jimin is bringing Yoongi this just got a little bit complicated I need to think of something so I can bring Jin and Y/N face to face Y/N POV Time skip ~~~ It’s been 3 hours since the kids left to the park and I'm still stuck here at the office looking after a case. I miss them so much “Ok Mr. Jun I’ll see you next week to finalize this case and you’ll be all set ok” “Thank you so much Mrs. Kim I’ll see you next week and thank you again” And with that I was free and had some time to spare to meet up with the guys and the twins at the park. I was on my way out when I heard my name being called. I stop and turn to see who it was and to my surprise it was doctor Jun. “Hey doctor Jun how you been?” I asked “I'm good thanks and remember outside my office I'm just Hoseok ok. But anyways how are the twins I haven’t seen them since you were discharged from the hospital.” “Oh…um I’ve been good and the twins are good and very healthy thanks” “Are you heading somewhere?” “Oh yeah, I'm on my way to the new amusement park that is opening today, in fact the twins are there with jimin. You still remember him?” “Jimin??? Oh the one that ran inside the delivery room and I thought he was the dad right?” “Yes, him. Would you like to go and meet the twins again?” I asked “I mean you don’t have to go if you don’t want to I understand…” “Actually I was on my way there we can take my car if you would like to unless you want to go on separate cars?” “If you don’t mind I’ll go with you in your car” We got in the car and drove there it took us like 15 minutes to get there. On the way we made small talk about what has going on in our lives “So… you haven’t heard anything about your ex-husband?” “No ever since that day I haven’t heard about him and don’t plan too anytime soon” “So I'm guessing Jin.. Was it?” “Yes, Jin what about him?” “Well I'm guessing he still doesn’t know about the twins and by the looks of it he won’t know anytime soon right” “Yes, he doesn’t know and I want to keep it that way. And for all I know he could be happy with a family of his own and he made it clear he doesn’t need me or the twins in his life” “But he doesn’t know about them how you know he doesn’t need YOU or the twins” “with all respect Mr. Jun I mean Hoseok I don’t want to talk about this anymore they’re all bad memories and the only good thing out of all this are the twins so can we drop the subject please” “Oh…um... Sure sorry if I made you uncomfortable it wasn’t my intentions I'm sorry” The rest of the ride was silent until we got there. I called jimin to let him know that I was there but he didn’t answer I tried calling Yoongi and as well no answer. I tried a few more times and still no answer I was starting to get worry what if something happens to my kids or any of them. I tried calling Namjoon to see if he would answer and he did. I was a bit happy but still had a feeling something bad happed “Hey Namjoon I'm outside how come jimin and Yoongi aren’t answering my calls did something happen?” “Listen…um the twins…they…um…” "They what? What happen Namjoon tell what happen?” I asked now on the edge of tears “they….we…lost them I'm sorry we’re looking for them but it’s been like 45 minutes since lost them I'm really sorry Y/N but I’ll find them I promise” and with Namjoon ended the call “YAY KIM NAMJOO….” “Hey are you ok? What happen?” “Hoseok the twins….they…lost the twins….they lost my babies the only thing I have in this world and they lost them” I was crying my eyes out by now “Hey, listen calm down you can do anything if you get all crazy like this I know they’re your kids but you’re doing no good in this state so calm down ok” “How the fuck am I going to calm the fuck down when my two kids are missing. They’re only 5 years old Hoseok 5 fucking years so, don’t tell me what to do ok because…” “Listen Y/N I know you’re scare but you have to be strong for them so calm the fuck down ok. Now come on” “Where are going?” “We’re going inside to look for the twins so some on” We went inside and 10 minutes later there was an announcement ‘Can the parents of Kim Nari and Kim Haneul please report to the front desk? I repeat we’re looking for the parents of Kim Nari and Kim Haneul thank you’ “Come on lets go they found the kids” said Hoseok dragging me because I lost all control over my legs We got to the front desk and I saw them the twins my babies they were ok and the first thing I did was run to them and hug them all my focus was on them until a familiar voice called out my name. “Y….Y/N is that you?” I looked up and froze. Before me was the only person I least wanted to see “J…Jin!!!!” To be continued<<<<<<<<< I know this chapter sucks and I'm sorry
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