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Hello Everyone, It's your Friendly Neighborhood Zi-Mon.
You better pucker up because this week's Zico Sunday is all about...*Drum Roll*... Zico's Lips. that's right! You wanted a card about Zico's Lips? You've got 'em! The question is Are you sure You're Ready for this? What am I saying? of Course You're not ready. I'm not ready, and I'm the one who made the card.
Here we Go!
Warning: May Cause Extreme Fangirling!
Here you Go!
Who would like to be Kissed by These Lips?
I Know I Sure Would!
Who wants a Kiss?

Are you Guys Surviving? No?

Well, I hate to Break it to you, But Now...I'm Gonna Have to Kill you...Goodbye, my Dear Friends...
It was Nice Knowing all of you.
Hello. I am Zi-Mon's Ghost. I Will finish this card for her. R.I.P all you Zico Stans.
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Dear God that bottom lip, I just want to bite it. Whoever gets to kiss him is like af. Those lips are just magic, this boy is my prince.
Zico does have a nice pair of lips on him. It just wrong for a man to have such plump lips. it just makes him more irrsestiable. 馃槏
IDK why but the last gif makes think of BTS Jimin 馃馃馃
bruh zico bae
Ummm... My mind just went wild ... *blush* 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉
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