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FT chapter 494 review!! Spoilers in this card!!

To catch everyone up:

fairy tail has been transported along with all fairy tail members, they've battled a ton of extremely powerful enemy's!
This chapter was a good one! I do wonder what is going to happen in the next upcoming battles, I hate that they've captured Mavis and brandish is still on their side.....I'm not surprised that zeref ordered fir Mavis to be free from the stone because I think he still has some feelings for Mavis...I also hate that God Serena is back馃槕but I have one main concern ...

Theory time:

1) I think not only did zeref bring back Natsu he also brought back their dad in hopes of him Maybe being able to kill zeref since Natsu might not ... 2) if fairy heart is taken from Mavis....does that mean she's gone forever,I believe this may happen 3) I'm sure that we're going to lose a main/big character in this arc I'm thinking it's most likely Mavis but my theory's is that it could be brandish or makarov 4) I believe Eileen is Ezra's mom (theory card was made with supporting evidence) 5) this is how I think the up coming battles will play out due to references/connections (keep in mind this is my opinion/theory) Ezra vs Eileen Natsu vs rahkeid or August or acnologia (not sure on that one but those are my top 3 with Natsu) Lucy vs Brandish

Adding on to my Erza's mom theory::

Eileen is an extremely dedicated to zeref...if she was so dedicated to him.. could she have gave up her only child (erza) to help build to tower of resurrection as a follower of zeref and that is how I believe that erza ended up at that tower to help build...

Those are all I have right now for my theory's (what do you guys think??)


Will Mavis disappearif fairy heart is removed?? (If they're related in some way) could erza convince Eileen to switch sides?? No matter who kills zeref Natsu will die again , if Mavis is still alive could she stop Natsu from dying??? Could Lucy convince brandish to switch sides?? Does rahkeid have all of his prior memories I like Natsu or will he connect with Natsu if they battle?? Could zeref possibly brought back his mom as well?? Probably not but I feel that there's a slight chance馃槄馃槄 Do all of the children from the tower of resurrection originate from the followers of zeref as sacrifices to help build the tower of heaven???

What do you guys think???? Please comment and let's hear your ideas and questions!!!

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@Tylor619 I see...
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@tayhar18920 Hey Your Spoiler picture has a spoiler in it xD could you please use another type of Spoiler pic Please
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does that mean erza have dragon slayer abilitues if her mother is with the dragonking acnolgia?馃槙
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