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Psycho Pass 2 is one of the animes I want to watch, I saw season 1 and I feel in love with the anime. (Seeing as there was a lot of blood 😏) XD anyways other than my weird loving of blood, I loved the action and suspense the anime put me through but also hated it. its like a love/ hate relationship. Anyways I really want to watch It.
I also been wanting to watch this one too. It looks super cute and funny, and I can't wait to watch it.
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Wait wait wait there's a movie too?!?!? @Konsutansu
yes it's on kissanime, last time I checked it was subbed, but iseen the english dub it when it was in theaters for 2 days so they might have the english dub added on there now too @KageTsuki040910
😱 sugoi..... Arigatou @Konsutansu
No problem 😊 @KageTsuki040910
I love Psycho Pass😃😍