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To Seok Hwa's (Sookie) fans.....this is his new lil' brother DaeMien. I named him after the movie The Omen because he is evil but lovable at the same time. I also changed the spelling a bit too to be different. He loves his big brother and follows him every where like little brothers do.
So cute!! HELLO DAEMIEN!! :)
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@danidee We gave him to a neighbor. His name is now Sonny.
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I hope he gets to play with Seokhwa still! :'(
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@danidee when the owner is doing his weekend duties once a month sonny will come over if his daughter don't take him home. we are also looking for a kittenfor seokhwa because after having Sonny he has been crying like he misses him. seokhwa cries real year so I know he is not just whining.
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