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D.O x OC Word count: 1922 Need to start from the beginning? chapter 1 or just need to jump back a chapter? chapter 6 안녕 여러분~ Hey y'all! Here's a cute chapter^^
"Lauren." She turned around and her hair flew around her shoulder gracefully. "Kyungsoo!" She ran up to him, but stopped right in front of him. He broke the distance and embraced her gently. "Aw Lauren. It's great to see you again." He spun her around and caught a few of the smiling faces of his friends standing in the lobby -- they were excited, too, to see the two of them back together. He let her go and the two stared in each other's eyes for a moment. "Kyungsoo. It feels great to be back. I missed seeing you. I know it was one blessing to be able to meet you and get to know you for a weekend, but I think I got addicted to the feeling." "Lauren...I know what you mean. I missed you a lot. And I know we only got to meet about a week ago, but it was the best choice I made. I can't remember how I was able to perform before I met you. You're an inspiration." She blushed as he spoke and had to turn her head away, a little embarrassed. He dragged her through the lobby, letting her get past security and took her towards one of the practice rooms. She took a seat in the unfamiliar setting, but felt at home with D.O. "I have a present for you. I'm glad you were able to stop by." D.O started. "Oo I wouldn't have been able to stop by if it wasn't for SM. D.O do you realize how great of a company you work under? They are the ones that called my parents and asked me to come. They came and picked me up. I wouldn't have been able to see you again if it wasn't for them." She praised. "Oh but I would've made sure we could meet again." D.O stated bravely. A small silence followed, and the small blush on her cheeks warmed him up. "Right! I have a present." He scooted closer to her in one of the other chairs sitting in the empty room and handed her a CD. She looked at it in amusement. It had a stick-figure drawing of her singing in the recording booth on the cover of the CD. "Did you draw this, Kyungsoo?" he nodded shyly. "It looks like a 6 year old drew this." She teased. "Open it..." He urged her. Once she opened it, he snatched it and put it in the computer sitting on the table next to the chairs. The music picked up and her jaw dropped when she finally understood. "Is this me singing?" "Yupp. You have an amazing voice, Lauren." Her smile was wide when the next song started playing and it had both D.O and Lauren singing together. "It's beautiful. I can't believe I get to hear this. I could've only imagined this, but here it is. I am so blessed. God is truly looking well after me." She said as a happy tear rolled down her cheek. D.O's smile started to faulter and became a frown. He turned his head so she wouldn't notice, but she lifted her head a second too early and saw his frustrated look. "W-what's wrong Kyungsoo? I really enjoy the CD. I will treasure it with me forev--" "How? I don't understand truthfully. How can you be this optimistic? You have a-a....a fucking brain tumor and yet you are so peppy about how God is looking after you well." He practically whispered ashamed to be having to discuss this.He stood up and started pacing the room, looking at his friend in the mirror through his eyelashes. "'s okay." His head popped up when she called him D.O instead of Kyungsoo. He was used to his stage name, but for some reason it sounded so foreign coming from her."Please don't be mad, D.O." "What?" "Don't be mad. God is looking after my family and I. I will get the treatment I need. Don't blame God." She whispered, turning the music up again. She stood up and put her hands on his shoulders. She led him back to the chairs and they sat back down, smiling again at the beautiful music they had sung together. After listening till the end of the disc, D.O started it over. He pulled her over to the middle of the dance floor and taught her a few dance moves. She laughed when her version of Growl came up -- it sounded so much weaker than the boys' version. But D.O would pause it and teach her the dances so they could dance to her cover of it together. About half an hour had passed of dancing and Lauren was obviously out of breath. She had to step out for a few seconds to down some pills and water and let out some coughs. But she held on well towards the end. The disc ended again and the two collapsed on the floor. D.O got the music starting again and the two laid down next to each other, starting with her cover of the Cart OST. "Kyungsoo...thank you."Was all she could say. It was sincere despite her being out of breath. He looked over at her and pulled back some loose strands of hair. The two laid there together for a little while longer, listening to the CD play again. Lauren's eyes were closed lightly; She looked blissful listening to her present. "Lauren..." Her eyes popped open at hearing her name. "Why'd you call me D.O rather than Kyungsoo?" He hesitantly asked. She paused before replying. "D.O is what the fans call you, right? What everyone calls you? That wasn't a Kyungsoo moment. I know you, Kyungsoo. And that wasn't the sweet, innocent Kyungsoo. D.O isn't an angry person per se, but he's different than the loving Kyungsoo. And I like D.O, but I really like Kyungsoo." Her response was deep, but he didn't quite understand. "You're lame." He pestered her. She giggled while poking him and the room was silent again. "I..I really like you, too, Lauren." Was all he could say. The two slowly sat up and stared at each other. The room was silent as it was transitioning to the next song. Kyungsoo pushed more hairs out of Lauren's face and caressed her cheek. He started to lean in and the two closed their eyes. It seemed they were mere centimeters apart when they heard the practice room door slam open. "Oh my God. Oh my God. I am sooo sorry. Ummm well. D.O if you could just come out here. for like. um...two seconds." The intruder, Suho of course, requested and closed the door. Lauren and D.O giggled and stood up. D.O followed Suho out into the hallway. "Ummm what's up?" D.O coughed. Suho looked a little embarrassed. "Oh what? What just happened?" "Nothing." "Ah well then..." "Yupp." "The manager just said that the car was ready to take Lauren back home. It's getting late. You two have been together all afternoon. We have plans today." Suho informed him. "Oh is that so?" "Yupp." "Okay then. I will tell her. That I will do. I will tell her. Yupp." "Yupp.. . . . . K. Bye." Suho rushed back up to the other practice rooms. D.O walked back into the dance room, rubbing the back of his neck shyly, and moved everything back to where it was supposed to be. "Suho says the car is ready for you." He said a little gloomily that she already had to leave again. She smiled back, though: "Okay. Should I get going, then?" "Yeah. Um I'll just walk you back to the lobby." He said while grabbing the CD out of the laptop and giving her the case. She looked at it again, grinning, before gently putting it in her bag. They took the elevator down to ground level and D.O escorted her towards the lobby, stopping at the corner he had stopped at earlier in the day. He didn't want anyone in the lobby to catch him. "Before you leave...Lauren, I really meant it. You're an amazing person and I want to learn more about you. I really like you." He said with a smile forming on his cheeks. Her blush was enough to make his heart skip a beat. He liked the bright pink that seemed permanent when he talked to her liked that. She turned to leave, but he grabbed her and pulled her back behind the corner. He looked deep into her eyes and then slowly kissed her forehead. She handed him a piece of paper and left; D.O followed slightly from behind the corner. Before leaving the building she turned around to wave and give him a slight wink. He waited until she was out of sight before he celebrated and was jumping around everywhere. He suddenly felt embarrassed and stopped jumping around when he saw some of his friends standing near the elevators, looking at him with smirks all over their faces. The elevator arrived and they all rode it up, clicking their tongues, and leaving D.O by himself again. He took his time going to the office they were all meeting at. They all remained silent despite the manager not being there yet and D.O could feel he was going to get a lot of bash from what he just did. Sehun cleared his throat and Xiumin shuffled in his chair a little. "So..."Baekhyun started. They all stared at D.O who was staring at the ground. "So um D.O" D.O didn't respond. "Hey what's that in your hand?" Chen taunted while Kai lunged for D.O. He was quick to move out of the way and protected the paper Lauren had given him. "Is that from Lauren~?" Chen sang her name. "maybe..." "So how is Lauren~?" Lay chipped in. "Good." D.O grinned. "Yeah she is." Chanyeol laughed. They all burst out laughing at the situation. "D.O! I've NEVER seen you that giddy. And all for just a forehead kiss!" Xiumin mentioned. "No! You all should've seen them in the practice room! I accidentally walked in on them--" Suho was cut off."HYUNG! Stop please." D.O pleaded. "Ooooh their relationship has gone further than I expected." Xiumin retaliated. "Wow you filthy minded hyung! I didn't know you had it in you!" Kai mentioned. "That must've been some sight, Suho." Baekhyun said. "Kissing! Okay?! I was trying to kiss her, but Suho interrupted us right before I could. OKAY?! Are you all happy?" D.O yelled. They were all snickering as D.O sat back down. The manager entered the room abruptly: "What's going on? I thought I heard yelling? Is something funny?" "Oh no, sir. They're just being childish as usual." Suho chidded. "As I expected. That reminds me of the performance at M!Countdown. I thought I always told you all to make it your stage, yet have it professional." "But, sir, I believe we all did a great job. From my perspective, they were all being appropriate and respective of the stage." Suho countered. "Well not from my perspective." The two babbled on about the performance and EXO's expectations and reputation for a while. D.O couldn't pay attention as he was too giddy and excited to text Lauren. He couldn't stop looking at the small piece of paper she had given him with her phone number on it. D.O felt so happy he was smiling despite being scolded and reprimanded by the manager.
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