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안녕하세요 친구!

Welcome lovely Melodies to another POV Insiders with none other than Peniel Bae BTOB Mod supporter (me) Check out card numero uno here if you want. Looks like all he did was eat, eat, shop and eat.....who wouldn't lol. Shall we begin? I will ask a lot of Questions and I have answered them as well...feel free to comment below to either all or just some of these questions with me. :D
You may watch his Vlog #2 (above) along with me. Yayyyy 13 February 2016
Greeting! jaja Any Melodies from Chicago as well? So our lovely Chi Town Bae travels back home, meeting up with his sister, brother-in-law and baby nephew after 4 years. Good lord. Did you know? It's a 13 hour flight from Seoul to Chicago....and I thought from here to the mainland was bad.
So here we are...he has arrived to Chicago and who wouldn't want a homemade cooking? Well our lovely Peniel doesn't that's who....ugh He wants "American" food. So he eats breakfast on Day 1 at Einstein Bros Bagels. Have you eaten at Einstein Bagels? Do they have one near you? -There isn't one here but I did try it at the University I went to in the was decent. Anywho he concludes his Day 1 by finally eating some homemade dumplings (by his mom) and how cute that he wears retainers. Did any of you have braces? -I never did, so thankfully my teeth were decent enough (and still are I think lol)
Day 2 Church time. Do you go to church? -Yes I do. And how cute was he and his sister singing? ♡♡ What are your top 5 English songs? What music genre do you listen to the most? -I actually do not listen to English music...just my Latin and world music (Bollywood, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Japanese, instrumental, classical..) But I know a few because of my brothers and mixtapes lol How many of you are coffee lovers? Maybe you prefer tea? -Wallah, all I drink is coffee and with everything....and I mean everything. My blood is made up of coffee no doubt but I do love me some tea. Have you heard of Red Mango before? Is there a Red Mango by you? -Here we have red mangos fruit wise but never heard of Red Mango before so it sounded so yummy in his video lol smoothies and frozen yogurt..yas count me in. No lie, whatever a pizza puff is, it sounds oh so delicious. Let's fast forward to Day 3...
Day 3 When he was younger he collected Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Does anyone play Pokémon Go? -I don't and won't..but my brothers do. I did watch both TV shows back in my youth days and I actually played Yu-Gi-Oh on my Playstation...that was fun. I should go check if I still have it. Anyways this lovely man ate some more, shopped and ended the video with a recap of his afternoon spent with his brother-in-law (they write music together). So I posted the song above so you may listen to's pretty good. So I think I transcribed a whole lot for you. Hopefully this card wasn't too long but quite informative and fun. See you next time on POV Insiders with none other than Peniel Bae.


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This is great, thank you for taking the time to do it!