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First Book Writings

So I have just started writing again, and this is a book I am trying to write. My inspiration has come from boyfriend whom I love with all my heart ;) We play world of Warcraft together and through the characters we play I gain ideas for many stories. This is my first idea and am hoping it will one day be published.
I am going to be posting the chapters one by one and asking for your opinions. I also have not come up with a title for it. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas of other stories let me know and I hope you enjoy!
Part 1
"Juburi are you ready? We are gonna be late." Abyssalay yelled from the raggedy kitchen.
"I'm ready! I'm just grabbing my book." hollered the little gremlin. He came bouncing down the shallow hallway with a good sized textbook in his hand. "Alright let’s get going. We have to walk 3 miles to get to the warlock gardens. Don't forget today is the first day we start training in dungeon groups." she hurried him out the front door. Pulling the small demon over her shoulder, she began to run down the street
"Today, I thought it wasn't till next week!" he squeaked out as his breath shook while she ran.
"Nope today we get our first group. Each group goes through a part of the stockade too. We have to get there fairly early so we get a good tank and healer." as they ran from old town to the mage quarters the young students of the Storm wind Recruit Academy began to swarm in the quarters. With students from all classes and races gathering, many new strong teams will be formed to fight. With the battle still raging between Horde and Alliance these new recruits will be the next hope for victory.
"Alright here we go Juburi. We just have to make a group now." as the young warlock and demon step into the mage quarters they enter the mass of you trainees also looking to group up. They look around for groups only needing a dps class on their team but no such luck. Teams start to move on as they continue to search.
"Well hello there!" came a stranger’s voice from behind her. "Looking to group up?" As she turns quickly she finds a human paladin leaning against a tree with another girl beside him. "Oh ya are you guys looking for a dps class?"
"Well you’re an eager one aren't you?" says the female snobbily. "I'm Varissa a priest and this is my brother." he cuts in and takes Abyssalay's hand. "My name is Alorian and I'm a paladin." He kisses her hand in a way that gives her a chill down her spine. "Uh nice to meet you. I'm Abyssalay and this is my partner Juburi." she pulls her hand away and gestures to the little demon by her side.
"Ya ya nice to meet you. We have the rest of the group over here. Let’s get this done shall we."
Varissa was strict and nasty. First impressions meant nothing to her that was for sure. As they walked down the sidewalk Alorion walked beside her closely. They met up with a dwarf hunter and a night elf druid. The hunter had a young wolf with him, no older than 2 or 3 years of age he still looked like he could protect his master. And the young druid was in her cat form sitting next to a tree sunbathing as she waited. They grouped up and headed to the stockade to await their first trial.
Upon their exit the druid limping on three paws and the hunter crying over his dying wolf companion, her, the priest and the paladin walked out unscathed.
"Couldn't you have healed that poor druid a little more? Her leg is completely broken because we didn't back her up." Abyssalay was harping at Varissa for only healing her brother the whole time.
"Look it was her own fault for not healing herself. Anyway I'm going to the trade district to pick up some supplies. See ya tomorrow Lay!" Varissa waved and walked away calmly like the whole traumatic experience never happened.
"This is not the kind of group I want and I'm sorry Alorion but your sister just isn't very nice. I'm going to go home for today I'll find a new group tomorrow." as Abyssalay starts to walk away Alorion grabs her arm, twists her around and backs her up into a nearby wall.
"Come on Lay! She is just showing her strengthens and their weaknesses. Besides I really liked watching you fight today, you’re a good caster." he began to run his hand around her side and down her hip.
"Alorion get away from me! First I am not interested in you and second do not think because we grouped up once means we are together. Third my name is not Lay it is Abyssalay" she tries to push him away, but fails as he pins one of her hands to the wall.
"Come on, stay with us you'll love it." he presses closer to her.
"Get off!" she yells out as she tries to fight his strength. In the end she knows she won't be able to get him off.
"She said get off. I think that means move away from her." said a new voice from around the corner. A young man steps around from the shadows. A warrior, from the looks of it.
"Bug off, she is part of my team. She knows she likes it anyway." he looks down at her with an evil grin. She winces at the thought of him touching her.
"No you need to step away, now!" the strangers voice deepens into a low rumble. She feels the pressure of Alorion’s weight move away as the stranger starts to move him aside.
Alorion now pissed off grabs the strangers hand and bends it behind his back. With a wail the stranger yelps.
"Listen here buddy! Go back to your group before I hurt you." he growls into the man’s face. As the stranger looked at Abyssalay with small pain he also looked sorrowful.
"I'm sorry." he said. As his eyes turned a greenish yellow, his muscles began to protrude and his snout elongate. The man transformed into a beast, a worgen. The stranger quickly turned Alorion’s weight against himself and forced him to the wall. In a new gruff voice, the stranger said to Alorion, "Don't come near her again, or I will break your arm." He squeezed tightly around Alorion's arm, making him howl in pain. The stranger threw him away from her putting himself between them. Alorion looked at the stranger then her. Death was written in his eyes. This was not over. He ran off in furry.
As the stranger and Abyssalay stood there for a moment he finally turned to face her. She jumped at the sudden movement. Acknowledging her fear he said "I'm sorry you had to witness that. And I'm sorry I frightened you. I couldn't just stand idle and let him hurt you though." his voice became softer as he switched back to his human form.
"You didn't scare me, and thank you for helping me. In actuality it was him who scared me. I'm Abyssalay by the way." she smiled at him and outstretched her hand. Shock on his face he reached for her hand. "My name is Jrazka. I'm sorry if my appearance frightened you." as they shook hands her face saddened.
"Why would you think you frightened me?" she looked confused.
"Well because I'm a worgen." he looked puzzled and sad at the same time. "Worgen don't have the best reputations around here."
"That's not how I see you though. You just save me from someone who was thirst for...well my body. But you came in and rescued me. You don't scare me. In fact how would you like to partner up?" she smiled at him.
"Really? You aren't afraid of me?" he was very confused.
"Nope. And you shouldn't have to hide who you are. People don't have the right to judge you just because of what you are. You should let your worgen side show." He stared at her for a moment wondering why she wasn't afraid of him. He then smiled and started to shift again. "Your right I shouldn't let them judge me. It would be an honor to team up with you Abyssalay." they grabbed each other’s hand sealing the partnership between them.
With their team now made they will start their long adventures together through Azeroth and beyond.
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Que tal peeps! WE ARE STILL COUNTING DOWN TO JUNGKOOK'S BIRTHDAY IN THE AMS COMMUNITY. THIS IS A QUICK FANFICTION THAT CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Jungkook has always been like a little brother to you and you always looked after him, especially when the guys picked in him. You were planning a special birthday surprise for him with the guys. "He should be happy he gets a cake." Yoongi scuffed. "Well well now lets not be too mean Yoongi...he is the youngest." I said while writing down ideas. You and the guys came up with a plan. You and Jin would bake a cake and cook food. Hobi and Tae would clean up while Namjoon and Yoongi decorated. "Namjoon please don't break anything." Hobi laughed. Namjoon rolled his eyes and laughed. The next day it was super hot in the office and all you wanted to fo was take a shower. You rushed home and jumped into the shower. Jin would be shopping for food with Namjoon while the others bought decorations. Jungkook would be at the library volunteering so everything should be finished then. The water felt so good as you allowed it to hit your skin. You had your relaxing body wash. You inhaled the lavender scent and lathered up your body sponge. You began cleaning and singing when you seen a pair of eyes looking in the small crack of the door. You paused thinking you seen something else. You didn't know if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you looked back and no one was there. You finisjef showering and walked down to your room. You noticed Jungkook's door was cracked. This was strange cuz he always locks his door. You pay no mind and get dressed. The crew arrived and you all get to preparing the surprise birthday for Jungkook. You were pleased how everything played out. Namjoon only broke 3 things which is good. You walked to your room to get an extra present you brought for Jungkook when you noticed your pantry drawer was opened. Your neatly arranged panties were all a mess. You picked up the present wrapped in shiny red wrapper and seen that Jungkook's door was cracked wider. You walked down the hall and heard odd noises. "Yass gosh noona..." You peeped your head in without makjng a sound and saw Jungkook with your panties in his hand. He was licking a pink pair with a red pair wrapped around his man hood. Jungkook was stroking himself. You found yourself shook for a moment. But then you began watching out of enjoyment. Your breathing goth heavier. Jungkook slowly his hand motion and grinned. "I know you are watching me noona." You covered ur mouth. But a gasp escaped ur wet lips. "Jungkook why do you have my panties? "Noona you know I want you. I made that clear last week when I spanked the hell out of you. Remember you made me promise not to tell." You walked into his room and closed the door. "Shh boy that was a mistake." "A mistake?" Jungkook said while raising his eyebrow. He smiled while looking at the gift I had. "Nice wrapping but do you know what I really want noona?" Jungkook smirked. Jungkook walked closer to be still hard as a brick and stood behind me allowing his hard on to rub between by cheeks. He let out a groan. "I know you been with all the guys nonna, they brag about it. I want you now." Jungkook said. "Jungkook...look those days are behind me. I'm no longer group banging trash." "Okay I will just spread the word at work." Jungkook laughed. "Fine Jungkook." I hissed. Jungkook pushed me on my stomach while sliding my shorts to the side. He was happy to see I had in no panties. He stuffed a pair or my panties he had in my mouth and plunged deep inside me without mercy. The pink wet panties muffled my scream of pleasure. Jungkook pounded me hard and fast. "Noona you were all wet from watching me?" Jungkook smacked my butt hard. "ANSWER me. You like watching me wack off?" I nodded as he pulled me hard into him. He switched so we were facing the mirror and began pounding me hard hitting all my spots. "Look at that little face. You love it noona. Yoongi said you like it rough." I surprised Jungkook and pusjed him back on his butt. I climbed on top of him. "You gotta do more to get me off little baby boy." I said while grinning. I began riding him hard and fast while pulling his hair. He began sucking my right breast as I rode him. "Yass that's a good baby boy." I moaned. I could see he was coming to the edge and so was I. The room echoed of slapping skin. "Noona yasss! Oh shit!" Jungkook moaned while exploded in me. The explosion made me go over the edge. My vision was so blurry. Suddenly the crew busted in "Happy Birthday Jungkook!" "Shit looks like we got to the party late." Yoongi blurted. AMS Unicorn Taglist @strawberrylover @sukkyongwanser @TaeSky @divanicola05 @BabydollBre @SimplyAwkward @QueenPandaBunny @Vay754 @MissMinYoongi @EvilGenius @punkpandabear @Seera916 @VeronicaArtino @RKA916 @jiminakpop @PolarStarr @jjrockstar @SarahHibbs @kitkatkpop @simpsonsamantha @AraceliJimenez @SweetDuella @CArcelia @Gracielou0717 @DefSoul1994 @EvodiaEbraheem @JustBrea @FernandaMedina @aliendestina @KayLeeRose94 @IsoldaPazo @AgentLeo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @AlexisJ15 @impulsegurl666 @MonieManhiM @EvodiaEbraheem @Ttwolf74 @gyapitt @krystalrikpop @Indiglow @KarenGuerra93 @StephaniePoore @MRich AMS Squad @amobts @BBxGD @QueenPandaBunny @awkwardjazzy @SimplyAwkward @DefSoul1994 @sukkyongwanser
A Blissful Place for Manga Lovers!
For the longest time I only have one reason for visiting Japan. Nope, it's not for food. Nope, it's not for fashion. Yes. It's for hot spring! I may look an average 20 something gal but I'm a grandma at heart. I've been told that many times because of my peculiar lifestyle. I love jacuzzi and hot spring is one of the thing I've always wanted to try after watching dramas that features this fabulous chamber. Even though I really wanted to visit Japan I didn't think hot spring would justify the trip because Taiwan also have hot spring. The ticket and accommodation in Taiwan is more budget-friendly than Japan. It was not until today I found another reason to go visit Japan. Books & Bed This concept is really intriguing. Though, I don't openly express it, I'm a manga girl at heart. Throw me in a room with a bunch of manga and I will be more than happy to read them. This is place is truly a gem for book lovers and someone who appreciates minimal architect. At Book and Bed Hostel you get a beautiful view of the city at night and get unlimited access to book in their library until your eyes become drowsy. The industrial interior design is filled with cement walls, wooden bookshelves and wooden single beds. Obviously, it's not a place for you to get a comfy pillow and cozy bed. If you are solo or duo traveler, this is the type of place that will bring you a blissful evening. What more do you want from a short vacation getaway than a place to sleep and get inspired? Anyone else feel the same way?