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hello ! i'm back with more lockscreens and i was very happy because i got tons of requests ! so thanks to all those of requested ! hope people request a bunch again ! ps. please remember to go over the rules before requesting !
for : @xMangaLover image : ailee song : mind your own business
for : @AmberRelynn image(s) : kim jonghyun (shinee), jang dongwoo (infinite)
for : @ibMIMI image(s) : jung jaewoon, kim jonghyun
for : @Brawner13 image(s) : kim taehyung (v of BTS), park jaehyung (jae of day6)
for : @TiffanyBibian image(s) : min yoongi (suga of bts), jay park
for : @raenel image(s) : got7 (group) fly concept
for : @AubriePope image : shinee (group)
for : @JohnEvans image(s) : kim jongdae (chen of exo), lee taeyong i hope you don't mind i tried a new style on the taeyong one ! if you don't like it then i made another one :-)
for : @Kpland1122 image(s) : kim wonsik (ravi of vixx), jung taekwoon (leo of vixx), vixx (group), ahn jae hyun (actor)
that's all for now ! thanks to those who requested ! i was trying out a new style on @JohnEvan 's lockscreen and i want to know if people like it. it was tons of fun to make :-)))) okay well thanks for liking, clipping and requesting ! let me know if you want to be taken off or added to the tag list ! before requesting, check out my rules here. if you want to see all the lockscreens i've made, check them out in my collection.
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can you do lee dongmin and moonbin from astro ?
a year ago·Reply
i really like the newer style you tried!
a year ago·Reply
The new style is pretty awesome. But I like any of them that you do. Go with what you like @sleepingyoongi
a year ago·Reply
yaaay thank you so much=)
a year ago·Reply
Can you please add me? Also, is it possible to get a lockscreen for Kyuhyun from Super Junior? And a separate one for Yong Junhyung from Beast (/.\) And, if possible, one of Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye from the drama "Doctors"? (/.\) Thank you :)
a year ago·Reply