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Hey guys! How are you?

I am doing okay, just very, very tired thats all. I think I have fleas…ew! XS I so itchy! I gave my dogs a flea bath.
What are you up to?
I am listening to Rap Monster - too much and thinking.
Okay so the reason for this card, as titled, Which ones?


I need your help. Help in choosing a cover for my new fanfics I'm working on.
Chose the ones you like and share your thoughts.
Here they are down below:
First up, is the cover for " Like a Ghost.
A Taehyung fanfic. I made these to cover and don't know which is best. Which one do you like most, 1 or 2 ? Please tell me why. I'm curious to know. ^^
Next up is the cover for " Who's The Monster?"
A Rap Monster(Namjoon) fanfic. I was going to go for the first one, but then I found the other picture and edit it. I am kinda leaning toward the second. What do you think? 1 or 2? and why? lol
and lastly…
This is the Unrequited Romance cover. The only one. What you think?
In this story , there is going to be Ok Taecyeon, Im JaeBum, Sky(you) and your Step sister. The girl with the long hair, at the top, is you. And. The girl on the bottom with the bob haircut, is Hana, your step sister. A somewhat love triangle between you four.
Message me or comment what your choices are and what you think?
Thank you.

Until next time!

Peace! ~L out.
Bye. Bye. Bye bye!
~If you wish to be tagged or untagged please let me know. Thank you~


@KpopGaby @IsoldaPazo Gracias chicas! Really appreciate it ^^
For the Tae one, I like #1 cuz I feel like it fits what you've described I guess lol and for Namjoon I like #2 cuz it has like that creepy feel
For V I like the first one and for Rap Monster I like the second one
@lilbr0wneyes it's okay. thank you!
sorry I'm late but for Taehyung I like the first one and for Rap Monster the 2nd is better
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