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If you feel hungry enough to eat four patties in a single burger, order the "Grand Slam." It's not on the menu, but it seems like most Wendy's locations serve it. It's basically four patties with cheese between the buns. Food coma is probably likely...
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@GuzmanDiaz I would date anyone that buys me several kgs of beef on the first date @elliegold240 the original Grand Slam has 4 patties...I guess that person decided to go double grand slam haha
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@minjaeturtles you really just proved @elliegold240 right, doubled 4 is eight not six....
4 years ago·Reply
@elliegold240 you should make a did-you-know card titled "Minjaeturtles Can't Count for Shit"
4 years ago·Reply
@curtisb @leecatlee jeez you guys lol now I'm going to triple-check all the numbers on my cards
4 years ago·Reply
@minjaeturtles thank you, just don't want to seed confusion.
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