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“Good afternoon lovely listeners! We are back to rock the airwaves with Ruby and Diamond. Are you guys ready for the next 5 hours?” Sarah said cheerfully. “I’m excited for our time today! We got a lot planned.” Jenni said “Oh we should probably let our listeners hear about what happened this morning don’t you think Ruby?” “Well Diamond thanks for bringing that up.” She laughed “But I guess we can share my pain.” “Well you aren’t in pain now so its ok to share isn’t it.” “Sure sure, Ok so this morning I ended up getting bleach in my eyes, after our show I went to the hospital and everything’s good. But Diamond just likes to make fun of me because I got bleach in my eyes.” “I laugh at the way you got it in your eye. It didn’t go flying in your eye when you were cleaning it was when you touch the sink and then touched your eye.” “It was freaking painful at first, thankfully the cleaning lady saved my life.” Jenni said with a giggle. “Yes she saved your eyes lives, the moral of the story listeners DO NOT touch your eyes after you have touched a sink before you wash your hands.” “Geez diamond I should have remembered to do that, I had an itch leave me alone.” “Ok Ok I’ll get off of this, alright let’s play BTS’s Fire since your eyes were on fire this morning.” Sarah laughed and hit play. “Dude you just had to play this huh?” “Yup” Sarah said popping the P at the end. “Dude you are going to kill me today aren’t you?” “Ha you know it; after we are done here we have some fun ahead of us.” “Oh god Sarah what do you have planned for us?” “Some fun” She smiled big while scrunching up her nose. “Welcome back lovelies now this morning we were talking about the Got7 concert that was this past weekend, and I started thinking about concerts.” “Oh what is going through that mind of yours today?” “Well let’s play pretend here.” “What?” Jenni giggled “Ok so we went to and EXO concert.” “Oh yes that was so much fun!” she clapped her hands together “I think it was too, that was so fun even though we didn’t get to sit next to each other.” “Yea that sucked, but man seeing them live was the best thing ever.” “We handled them pretty well, I got to say.” “Yes we did!” “Then we saw Got7 and once again we handled them so well… and this time we got to be with each other and fan girl so well.” Sarah laughed “Yes… and after we met them we still were pretty calm. Now I got to ask what are you going to share with us today?” “Well so what do you think would happen if we went to a BTS concert” Sarah smiled “Oh I see what you were doing there. Oh I know exactly what would happen.” Jenni said “So tell me what do you think would happen.” “Ok ok so those boys know how to kill they are like the best at what they do. I honestly think that you would pass out when they did as I call it the cock thrust.” “Ha oh my gosh you got that right I would scream and by the end of the night I would be literally dead a pile of mush on the floor.” “Even though we have met the in person they are completely different from how they act on stage.” “Yea and Ruby would just be dying every time Rap Monster smiled or hell every time he spoke.” Sarah laughed “Ha yea that boy has got me screwed.” She laughed “Ha yea, I think they all messed us up, anyways. That was what I was thinking about today.” “Alright now let’s listen to some music for a bit” Jenni said and hit the button. “Dude how is it that you always end up back on BTS?” “I don’t know I’m just way too far gone” Sarah laughed “Do you think that Kookie thinks you’re crazy yet?” “Ha oh man if he did then that would suck, but hey he said its cute how I know so much about him and the guys.” They played music for about 20 minutes before coming back to talk some more. “Ok so I have to get serious here.” “Oh no what’s up?” Jenni asked “So… I was wondering if you would ever have sex outside.” “Diamond!” “What! I know my answer.” “Well lets here it.” “Alright.” Sarah laughed and took a deep breath. “Now I like adventure like the next person but I would never ever want to have sex outside.” “Why is that?” “Well…. Things can go places they shouldn’t.” “Oh my god Diamond seriously.” “Yea like I don’t want any type of bug going to end up inside me, do you know what could happen…? And if we do it in the woods… Like…” “Chiggers.” Jenni added in. “Yes Ruby! Exactly! Like I’d have to end up going to the hospital to get them removed because they ended up….. You know.” Sarah laughed “Oh my god I seriously can’t believe we are talking about this.” “I’m surprised the producers haven’t made me shut up.” Jenni look out the window. “Well that is because they are all dying of laughter in there. They don’t care.” “Is this funny?” “Yes, yes it is. Can I ask where you came up with this Idea?” Jenni asked “I was listening to someone talking about how they do all this crazy stuff for sex and then I was wondering if I would do any of that crazy stuff… To be honest some of the stuff they said I would do but I would never do sex out in the woods….well in the woods in a tent maybe.” Sarah laughed “What kind of things would you do?” Jenni asked “Good luck with that I am not telling you, the only person who will know what they are is the one I do it with.” “Oh do you have a certain someone in mind?” “No actually.” “What for real.” Jenni was shocked by this “For real, I mean I can’t think about that kind of thing at this point.” “Why not?” “I only have a crush nothing else, plus the person I have a crush on is….very sweet and innocent and I wouldn’t want to taint him.” “Oh sure that’s what it is.” “Shut up Ruby! Now that I answered my question it’s your turn.” “Hmmm… Well I would say…… It’s time for some more music.” Jenni quickly put some music on. “Nice one dude.” “I don’t want to answer.” “Oh come on I answered, you can just answer yes or no how about that.” “Fine but that’s it then we are moving on.” “Ok.” The song ended. “Alright now Ruby’s answer for would she have sex outside.” “Yes” was all she said and then she hit play on another song. “Oh my god nice Jenni.” Sarah laughed and then Sarah told Jenni she could be in charge of the next topic since she was now embarrassed by revealing too much. Thankfully the next couple hours went by super-fast and Jenni didn’t have any time to say anything before Sarah pulled her out of the studio and to a taxi. “Where are we going?” “Do you really want to know?” Sarah smiled big “Yes, I do.” “Ok … well I promised Kookie we would go to their dance practice tonight.” “Man you really can’t get enough of them can you?” Jenni laughed and pulled out her phone and started texting. “I want to spend time with them so what.” “Sarah you are this cute fan girl. This crush you have on Kookie is so freaking perfect.” “Ha thanks but I really don’t know if it’ll ever go anywhere.” “But he kissed you.” “Yea that was so long ago.” “Not that long ago.” “It was just on the cheek, not like you and….” “Shhh .” thankfully at that point they pulled up to the studio and Sarah text Kookie telling him that they were outside, and he ran out to grab them super-fast. He brought them back to the practice room and the guys did one run through of save me and then took a break and chit chatted with the girls.
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