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A couple of days have pass now, and I was playing as Hyuk Woo and Simon's manager. I was Hyuk Woo's manager over seas, and Simon's in South Korea. Honestly had no problem with this set up anymore.
Simon and I had clear up our only problem, and I hit his arm when ever he try to pick a thot over me. Hyuk Woo would pretend to be my boyfriend if he knew he was too drunk. Made it easier to watch over him, whilst I worked.
Ju Kyung was making my job a bit unbearable. He really did try to his best to get me to date him. But no matter how handsome one was, I didn't like it when a guy was a bit forceful type.
I rather take my time to get to know someone, and be their friend first, not skip. I was in Simon's studio room, in Korea, hiding from Ju Kyung. Simon was hard at work, as I just play with my phone.
"We both know I don't have anything schedules. Basically a day off for you, so why are you here working?" I looked up from my phone, to see Simon looking over at me. "Because Ju Kyung won't look for me in here."
He arched an eyebrow, and looked around the room, before spinning to face me. "Trust me, he found me on my day off and hit on me. I know you said to speak up, and I did, but he still tries. This is my job, I don't mix business with pleasure. Plus, trying too hard isn't attractive."
Simon chuckled softly and shook his head. "Just say the word, I'll stop him in his tracks." He licked his lips before smiling softly at me. I just waved to the door, as my way of saying do it. He got up, and left the room completely.
I sigh softly, before going back to playing with my phone. Simon came back after a good twenty minutes, and toss something next to me. I looked over, and sat it was an AOMG sweater, rolled up. "There, for today, wear that. Its a large too so he won't notice you by your big ass."
I just glared at him, in a judgmental way, but smirked deviously. "Simon-ssi, did you just admit to checking out my ass?" I arch an eyebrow, when I noticed his shy smile, as he went back to work.
Completely ignoring my question all together. I unrolled his sweater, and held it up to get a better look at it. It had the log off the company on the back, and a DJ spin stable icon in the left corner, on the front.
I put it on, and smiled when I noticed I was swimming in it. It made me feel tiny and slimmer. Though I was a very curvy girl, and loved my little extra fat. "Gomawo, Simon." He nodded his head, whilst I just went back to playing with my phone.
"Oh yeah, you don't have to worry about Duck-ie. I had a talk with him, so he should be cooling it soon." I nodded my head, and noticed he looked over at me. "Thank you... but stop looking at my fat ass."
Simon chuckled softly before he put on his headphones. I have gotten a bit more comfortable with him. Yet, he still hasn't gotten to Hyuk Woo level. I ended up laying down on the couch, and reading a book from amazon kindle.
I felt someone touch my arm, and looked up to see Simon. "Hey, lets go get some food, can't focus when my stomach screams at me." I looked around, before glancing back at him. "Chicken?" His eyes lit up, before I sat up.
"Lets go, so you can have your chicken and I get my fries." Simon didn't hesitate and got up, after getting his wallet and keys. He threw his arm around my shoulders, as we walk out of the building.
It was his way of saying and showing how comfortable he felt with me. "Its getting scary on how well you know me some times." I petted his cheek, earning a soft chuckle for him. "Its my job to know you that well.
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