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Warning: this only MY speculation and observations. I know they're all close good friends. After watching this on Instagram, I thought awww Kai is trying to hang in there. Being the third wheel between SeHun and Kyungsoo. It's over Kai, you broke his heart, go be with your girlfriend. Alas, I still ship Kaisoo... breaks my heart to see them like this. Don't get me wrong, Do Not get me wrong... I support Kai, as long as he's happy and in a loving, caring relationship, I stand by his side.
Kai still trying to hang in there. Kyungsoo is barely paying any attention to him, and SeHun seems to be trying avoid Kai's presence.
Awww their so cute When i first watched this episode, “i was like, oh my god did you see that?!“ We replayed it and my daughter took a photo of the tv screen. This was from a video posted on YouTube, it was taken down. The original episode won't be ready for another week. (photo credit: @flairforthedramatics)
And I find it adorable
Ok obviously, I don't know sehun personally. But it seems to me that he just loves to be affectionate with the members. There are tons of pictures and videos of him being affectionate with the three that left and with every other member. Our bby maknae needs some affection.
For sure, it's cute, he's cute. lately, I just noticed he's been clingy toward d.o., it makes me jealous 😾 ... If he needs affection, I'll give him affection lol