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Sorry for all the daddy kink recently
“Hanbin!” “Baby!” You ran into his arms and nuzzled into his neck, his arms wrapping tight around you. “I missed you so much,” he nudged your head with his and caught your lips into a deep kiss, arms holding you tighter. Your outfit hadn’t gone unnoticed. You knew it didn’t. It was a large sweater that looked like a normal, black sweater in the front, but had “HANBIN” on the back, with the numbers on top being the date of your birthday. It almost looked like a jersey. And with that was a tutu-like skirt that barely covered any of your ass, pink panties in clear view if you spun or bent down. Hanbin liked these kinds of outfits. They made you look like his little princess. You felt his rough hands grab your ass, groping it. He had completely pushed the fact that you two were in a crowded airport out of his mind. All he cared about was you and how much he wanted to devour you. You gasped, purposely jumping against him, chest pressed flush against his own. He groaned in your ear and pulled away, smirking at you. “C'mon, baby, let’s go somewhere a little more secluded.” He teased, holding your hand. He pulled you out of the crowd and into the the men’s restroom, gently shoving you into a stall. Your single-inch heels clicked repeatedly on the floor as you shuffled into the small cubical and tried to make room for Hanbin. He closed the cubical door and locked it, turning to you in a flash. He pulled you closer to him, his hands immediately going back down to squeeze your soft ass, groaning as he leaned against the door of the stall. You received a rough smack to your ass, making you yelp in pleasurable pain. He chuckled and kissed your forehead, then your nose. “Fuck, princess. I missed you so, so much.” He pressed another kiss to your temple, fingers working into your panties. He groped you a bit rougher, forcing you to stumble towards him, bodies pressed tightly against each other. He chuckled lowly, then turned you around, hand now cupping your soaking womanhood. He kissed your neck, slowly working two digits into your tight entrance, lips pressed against your ear. You moaned out, hand on top of his, above your panties. A smirk played on his lips as he began roughly thrusting his fingers inside you, leaving you breathless. He started speeding up, fingers moving faster. You were about to let out the loudest moan when you heard footsteps. Hanbin put one of his large hands over your mouth, muffling any noises. Hanbin was getting overly excited by the thrill of being caught, his erection prodding at your butt as he kept you silent. He didn’t stop finger fucking you, though. If anything, he moved his fingers faster. You arched your back, whimpering against his hand. You could feel his smirk, a silent “you love it when daddy fucks you like this?” is felt throughout the the stall. His fingers moved even faster, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, knees buckling and Hanbin struggled very slightly to keep you standing. His lips pressed kisses to your neck, trying to soothe you as he held your mouth. The sound of shoes leaving the area filled the restroom and Hanbin waited a little longer before letting you breath, mouth immediately letting out shrieks of pleasure. His hand didn’t stop, thumb playing with your clit. Your hands desperately grasped at Hanbin’s hand, begging him to stop, though, you’d rather that he not do that. He teasingly slowed down, allowing you to catch your breath, but it deprived you of your immense pleasure. His eyes stayed on you, grinning like a jerk. You bucked your hips and he shook his head, holding his hips in place. “What’s the matter, Princess?” He teased, whispering lowly in your ear. “You told me to slow down. And I did. You’re really hard to satisfy, baby.” He chuckled and grinned that shit-eating grin, then sped up abruptly, making you basically slump over, profanities coming out as if it was your last day to say them. He took pleasure in watching you squirm, his bottom lip between his teeth. You came, knees buckling completely, Hanbin having to react quickly before you fell. He laughed softly before pulling his fingers out of you, playing with the sticky substance on his hands. “Look at you. You’re a fucking mess. Only I can make you like this. Who can only make you like this, Princess?” He asked, lifting your skirt. “Y-you, daddy…” You panted, bending over the toilet to regain your strength. He chuckled. “Good girl.” He then wasted no time with unbuckling his belt and pulling his cock out, already fully hard. He slicked it up with your come, groaning. He thrusted into you, your sensitive core tightening around him and he growled, hands grasping your hair, holding you by your reigns. He began fucking you senseless, the sound of your screams of pleasure, his occasional grunts, and skin slapping filling the restroom. He pulled you into a standing position and held you by your neck, constricting your breath. He began whispering in your ear, your legs feeling severely weak and your body was so oversensitive. His dirty words didn’t help. “You like this, huh, Princess?” He grunted, the hand that wasn’t around your neck was wrapped around your middle, keeping you close. “You like it when I fuck you like this. In the open. Where someone could come and see who’s making you moan and scream? Where they can see who’s little slut you are? Yeah, you do. You’re such a naughty girl.” He then clamped a hand over your mouth again, slowing down as someone walked in again. Now, with his hand around your throat and his other over your mouth, it was very difficult for you to breath. Every now and then, he gave a sharp snap of his hips, a whimper coming from you. Once the person left, he started up his ruthless thrusting again, your throat definitely thrashed from your screaming. You began to see stars, your sensitive core and body basically gave out, all your weight supported on the toilet. He thrusted harder and sloppier, his grunts getting louder. You came in no time. He kissed your neck, then pulled out, grunting some before he orgasmed, the sticky liquid painting your ass. He chuckled and kissed your cheek. “Baby girl is so tired. I’ll take care of you when we get home.” He chuckled and helped you stand, supporting your weight on him.
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Well SHAZAAM!!!! Go Hanbin!!
well damn daddy Hanbin
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