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close your eyes judgemental physical eyes look not at the person behind you look not at the person next to you in front of you their freckles or their shoes their gender or race their age or height Don't look at their past their status their abodes look at them with your heart's eyes the deepest corner where all crooked perceptions all preconceived ideas have not taken control Don't look at how they have hurt you how they have shattered your dreams how they have tried to kill your hope don't look at the darkness in them don't fear the gloomy clouds surrounding them look deeper behind the frozen barriers of the heart behind the cuelty behind their deep-rooted hatred look at the pain buried in the white of their eyes buried in the cracks of their hearts buried in their broken dreams buried in their greed buried in their anger buried in their unforgiveness can you love them? the enemy the traitor the lier the thief the murderer the immoral the drunk the broken man the unloved child perhaps you cannot heal them perhaps you cannot guide them perhaps you cannot correct them but somewhere in a quiet prayer somewhere in a glimpse of hope amidst your blood-stained thoughts amidst your secret hopes of revenge can you find love?
People only see what is in front of their eyes They don't look with their souls anymore WE as humans choose to judge the outer shell before getting to know the inner one
@ShinigamiSan this was nice bro :)
@gabbycalzada It's powerful, especially in a world where many people don't see alot of love. A poem like this speaks to the fact that there is love even in the heated pits of anger or jealousy. Is that your interpretation?
thank you for the insightful comments
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