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Yahohohohoho the last day of the nakama week intro, first off I would like to thank @hikaymm for setting this up its been really fun getting to know our beloved nakama yahohohohoho and now I'm guessing this day's subject is pertaining to both anime and real life so I'll kill two birds with one stone
I hope @LuffyNewman will appreciate my answer for this day yahohohohoho for as everyone knows I'm a whitebeard pirate as such my companion in life is my family that's including my nakama here. either it be in the anime world or the real world if I see you as my family then no matter how far or how close I'll always be there for my family. @SymoneBelcher @Bestfluteever @MimmiBumble01 @SimoneSanders @hikaymm @AutmnWinds @nekoneko @willowsoto @SimplyAwkward @kage040910 @LuffyNewman and sorry to those I didn't tag it doesn't mean I don't love ya it means my memory is still not great Yahohohohoho
@KageTsuki040910 yahohohohoho I'm glad yall are part of my nakama as well yahohohohoho
Great to be apart of your Nakama Sunny-san
Thanks for letting me be in your family
@AutmnWinds yahohohohoho no thanks needed for we're all children of the sea nakama