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Hello my fellow Royal Family! Its me, Melissa, your Boys Republic mod supporter. Today is Sunday, which means its Sunwoo Sunday! Its the day of the week to show love and appreciation torwards Sunwoo.
For this week's card, I made a collage of Sunwoo's cute images. These are some of my favorite cute images of him. I really think that Sunwoo is such a cutie. I mean he can be sexy too, but over all he is a cutie. That's my opinion, what you guys think?
As you probably guess, in my last game card, my snapchatish photo was Sunwoo! I went a little crazy with the eyes and rainbow I was just having fun making it.
I wanted to share some videos of Sunwoo. The first one is what made me aware of Boys Republic. I am fairly new to Boys Republic. I was watching YouTube videos, and ran across this teaser. I was like Who is this? I look them up and rest is history.
The second video is also from YouTube. Its Sunwoo's cut in a recent, well not that recently, fan signing. I want to go to one of their fan signings one day. These girls were so lucky to touch his hand. Well that's all for this week's Sunwoo Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you all have a great day and wonderful week. Til next time, Take care! Side note: Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for Boys Republic Game Night Friday! You still have time to join in the fun. the Royal Squad @QueenLee - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t my Vingle family @Helixx @LocoForJiyong @LadyLuna @peahyr @sherrysahar @MadAndrea @kpopandkimichi @kpopGaby @MichelleIbarra @KwonofAKind @lilbrowneyes @BelencitaGarcia @JustinaNguyen @terenailyn @tayunnie @thepinkprincess @PrincessUnicorn @scarletmermaid @SugaMint @SuperJuniorelf @SindyHernandez @maelstromVIP @JuanitaBooRiv @JamiMilsap @culversyanne @CarolPantoja @fallchild @PrettieeEmm @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum @unnieARMYKeY @IsoldaPazo @AnnaArai @MsLoyalHeart @ARMYStarlight @AimeeH @HeichousRegalia @VeronicaArtino @kpopdeluxegirl @AaliyahNewbell @lovetopia @jjrockstar @KellyOConnor @kaeliShearer @marisamusic @xroyalreisx @BlackFawn @JohnEvans @BBxGD @flxvour @Peachylife @sarahdarwish @ShinoYuki @YailinTejeda @SugaOnTop @passthesuga @IsoldaPazo @Isolate @MrsJungHoseok @MrsKyungil @koinii @MrsBangYongguk @MaricelvaRomero @annevictoriaa @amobigbang @xoxorittie @firstladyofaomg @CallMeMsDragon @elainarenea @amobigbang @SimplyAwkard @JordanShuler @taetaebaozi @TaehyungV @twistedPuppy @MonAnnahiX @Zxenna @jevonlowery @nikkynoel @ChoiJiah @drummergirl691 @luna1171 @junhwanbae92 @PolarStarr @ChaErica @kpossible4250 please let me know if want to be added to my tag list.
@jjrockstar I totally agree with you.
Sunwoo is just perfect!!!
@KaeliShearer I know right! To me, He's the cutiest one from Boys Republic 😍
So cute!!