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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU, Slight horror
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (or is it)
Length: 4735 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 4/?
Jungkook placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and I coldly shrugged him off. “Don’t touch me”, I hissed. I still couldn't get over how animalistic I sounded.
Yoongi cocked his head, slight confusion tainting his beautiful features. “Isn’t she meant to be listening to your every word? After all, you turned her.”
Before I blacked out, I remembered thinking he was a prick. Now...I didn’t know. Everything he did or said just seemed a little different. He seemed different. And I didn’t know why. I hated the rest of them just as much- if not more. Jungkook was a bit of a grey area, but then again, he was the one who had killed me.
Slowly, the others started skunking off when they saw I was calmer. The only one’s that remained in the ridiculously large room were Namjoon, Jungkook and Yoongi.
All three men were staring at me, so I broke the silence. “When can I leave?”
Namjoon snorted in amusement. “You’re a newly turned vampire sweetie”, he replied, his tone condescending. “You won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”
My eyes narrowed at his response. I really didn’t like this guy. “Do we feed her?”, Jungkook asked the older boys. He still had a slightly hurt expression on his face, probably from how I reacted towards him.
“Jungkook...”, Yoongi hummed. His drawl was relaxing to hear. It was like he could put me to sleep from his voice alone. “You’ve never caught anything have you?”
Jungkook’s eyes widened, but he stayed silent.
“You’re not suggesting the maknae goes and catches her food, are you?”, Namjoon asked incredulously. Yoongi just held up a hand to silence him, and turned back to Jungkook. “Well..? What are you waiting for? Don’t worry about her, we’ll keep an eye on her.”
Jungkook glanced at Namjoon- and then he was gone in a flash. I noticed he didn’t take the front door, which meant there was other way out of here.
Once he was gone, Namjoon asked him warily, “Jungkook’s too young for hunting. You know that.”
Yoongi stepped towards me, and I was instantly on guard. “I know Namjoon, I’m not stupid”, he murmured. “I just wanted to try something.” As he spoke, he brushed all my hair onto one shoulder from behind me and I shivered at his touch.
“Hyung...?” Namjoon’s confusion had turned into curiosity. I wandered if the other boys could hear what was going on down here.
“Namjoon, look at her eyes for me”, he mumbled the order as he moved my dress slightly to make room for his lips on my shoulder. I made eye contact with Namjoon, and he raised an eyebrow.
“Her eyes are red. They’re not flashing red, they’re staying red. Hyung...What did you do?”
Yoongi sighed, and to my disappointment and relief, he stepped away, and went to stand next to Namjoon.
“Jungkook didn’t turn her properly. She was I turned her.”
“Shit”, was all Namjoon said in reply. “ Shit.”
“What the hell does it matter?”, I snapped, startling them both. “I’m dead regardless.”
“You either get attracted, or attached to the one who turns you. So Jungkook started the process...but I finished it.”
Before I could respond, Jungkook appeared out of nowhere and I screamed when a mangled corpse was thrown on the floor between me and the boys. It was sickening, disgusting, revolting...but I had the overwhelming urge to...NO. I couldn’t do it. I backed away in alarm at the sight before me. From here, I couldn’t even tell what gender the poor soul had been. Jungkook looked feral himself...he must have lost control.
“You’re hungry, I can tell”, he rasped. His eyes were dark, his veins prominent. I didn’t want to be reduced to a wild animal like that. No way. I just shook my head and swallowed the bile in my throat harshly, determined not to throw up in front of them.
“Strange”, Jimin’s voice behind me made me jump. “New vampires normally can’t get enough”, he mused. My vision started to go blurry and I started to sway on the spot.
I think Namjoon was the first to notice. “Y/n?” Then Jungkook was coming towards me. “Is she weak from hunger or in shock?” I never got to hear the reply.
I woke up in a large room, on a large bed. Everything about this damn place was large. These vampires were rich. I saw a fresh set of clothes at my feet. The jeans were my size, but the shirt was so big that it must belong to one of them.
I got up slowly, eager to not make any noise, and changed. Kicking the dress off to the side, I noticed a sliver of sunlight coming in through the window, through a gap in the curtains. Sunlight. Jungkook had been outside but came back unscathed, so surely that whole ‘vampires can’t stand sunlight’ thing was just a myth? I decided to test it out.
If I died (again), I wouldn’t really mind. In fact, a permanent death would be better than living some sort of half life as a monster. As I slowly walked towards the window, I craned my neck to hear what was happening in the house.
Taehyung and Jungkook seemed to be talking about me and why I fainted. The rest of them...I could hear hushed whispers about Yoongi’s dilemma. Jin sounded rather angry with Yoongi. “..You know how Jungkook feels about her!”, he hissed.
“That’s why I didn’t let her die!”, Yoongi whispered angrily. “Remember when Namjoon-hyung’s girl died? He went on a fucking murdering spree!”
“How man time do I have to tell you to not mention her?”, Namjoon snapped. I zoned out of the conversation, as I had now reached the window. Putting my toes in the small amount of sunlight, I watched in awe as the flesh began to redden at first, then burn. The pain was..immense. Like fire. I started to think all sorts of things. If I drew the curtains and stood there long enough, I could be at peace. I wouldn’t have to live like this.
Without a second thought, I pulled them back, encasing myself in the blinding light. I didn’t scream, because someone would hear. But I couldn’t help the tiny moans and whimpers that escaped my lips as I heard the horrid sizzling sounds surrounding me.
So close y/n...So close. Almost there...
Suddenly I was pushed back roughly- so hard that my back hit the wall on the other side of the room. I hissed in pain at the contact of my skin and the hard surface, and my eyes shot open to see who it was.
Once the curtains were closed and my eyes had focused, I saw him. Yoongi. “What the fuck are you doing?”, he asked, his voice low. I sunk to the ground, feeling weak and fatigued. And also angry. “I was almost there”, I whispered, my voice harsh and grating.
How did Yoongi get out of that intense conversation he was in the middle of?
“Y/n..?” I heard a familiar voice before Jungkook appeared shortly after. “Jungkook, you need to get her under control”, Yoongi muttered, not taking his eyes off me. “She’s trying to kill herself. I caught her stood in sunlight.”
“You lot already did that”, I automatically responded, before going into a coughing fit.
“Shit.” Jungkook crouched down and rubbed my back. I flinched, expecting some pain, but none came. I glanced down at my arm- all the burn marks were gone, or fading fast.
“Yoongi!”, Jin’s voice bellowed. “You don’t get to run off like that. Come back, right now!” Yoongi gave me one final glance, his expression one of distaste at the sound of Jin’s voice, before rushing off, back to them.
“Y/n..”, Jungkook muttered once he was gone. “You can’t pull a stunt like that again. You’re a new vampire, you could have gotten seriously hurt.”
I felt the overwhelming urge to cry, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. The tear ducts remained empty. “That was the point”, I replied bluntly, as it was blindingly obvious. I didn’t move away from the window for a reason.
He stroked my hair in silence, as if he was pondering. “You’d rather be dead than be one of us?”
“Jungkook. I’m a monster. I’m not stupid. Vampires kill for food.” He shook his head. “Not necessarily. Out of our group, the only one’s who lose control when feeding are the three youngest- me, Taehyung and Jin. The rest of the don’t kill, just stun, most of the time.”
“But you’re still hurting people. You bite them.”
“The bite isn’t painful. It can make you feel drowsy and forgetful like an anaesthetic would.”
“OK. One more question.” He hummed in response. “You’re on my course at uni. we get to go together now?” I kept the hope out of my voice. Any means of escape, I would take.
He shook his head. “I told the hyungs I wanted to go to university to try and find a girl for me. I didn’t think I would until I met you at the party. Now...I have no reason to go.” My heart sank at that response.
“We clicked at the part y/n...I knew you felt the same about me”, he breathed, his nose bushing my cheek as he held me closer. My body had completely healed b now- there was no pain anywhere.
I shivered at the gesture, but still managed to say “I thought you were a normal human. Not...this.” He chuckled at my choice of word, but didn’t pull away. My feelings towards him were confusing. One second, I felt an anger so intense, I could kill him, and the next I was so calm and safe, and I didn’t want him to let me go.
“Y/n...”,he whispered. “You need to drink.” The anger was back. I pushed him away and in a split second was stood near the bed. “No.”
Jungkook was on his feet instantly, and before he could reply, Namjoon was hollering at him to come down. Of course he listened. I didn’t follow, but stood at the doorway of the room, wondering what was going on. And if Jungkook was really that stupid- he just left alone a girl who only minutes ago tried to torch herself.
I could hear them muttering amongst each other. “...He must have been following us that night. That’s the only way he could know about her.”
Jungkook let out a string of profanities in his anger and my eyes widened. Were they talking about me? “Fuck”, Jimin hissed. “Is it a threat? He already had his revenge, why the hell is he still keeping tabs on us? We didn’t move into the middle of nowhere for this bastard to stalk us.”
Jin perked up. “No one tell y/n what’s happening. She’s already somewhat panicked. This won’t help.” I narrowed my eyes. Wasn’t Jin aware that I could hear him?
“Somewhat panicked?”, Jungkook growled, repeating his words scornfully. “Hyung, she tried to kill herself the minute she woke up. She refuses to eat. She doesn’t listen. New vampires don’t do this.” I wondered if Namjoon had turned Jungkook? Or maybe Yoongi? And that’s why he listened to everything they said.
I stepped forward, trying to be as quiet as I could, but of course I landed on a creaky floorboard. Everyone immediately stopped talking, and I knew they’d heard me, so I sighed and trudged down the stairs at normal speed. I stopped halfway down and when I knew I was in their line of sight, I sat down, away from them. I was particularly carefully not to look at Yoongi.
While they continued bickering, I thought I heard a hushed whisper, and stood up in alarm. Yoongi and Jungkook both noticed immediately, asking me if I was alright simultaneously. “Shut up”, I ignored them both and addressed the rest of the group, who paid me no attention. I was trying to make out what the whispers were saying, but couldn’t over the noise.
“I said shut up!”
The anger grew within me as both Yoongi and Jungkook curiously eyes me from a safe distance. Finally, I snapped. At the blink of an eye, and grabbed Jimin and practically threw him across the room to shut them up. Taehyung tried not to laugh, and the rest of them stared at me darkly.
“What the fuck was that?”, Jimin groaned, getting up, his fangs on display in his rage. He was just about to slam into me when Jungkook stopped him. “Can’t you idiots hear?, I hissed. But to my dismay, as soon as it fell silent, so did the whispers.
“They’ve gone”, I shut my eyes in annoyance. “Why the hell couldn’t you have just listened? I heard whispers and then-”
“-Whispers? OK y/n, you really do need food.” Jin’s words of wisdom made me grit my teeth.
“Shut up. They were real.” I turned around to walk off, when I noticed something in Namjoon’s hand- he wasn’t doing a very good job of concealing it.
“What’s that?”
It must have been what they were talking about earlier. “Nothing that concerns you.” He was lying. I could tell. I lunged towards him to grab it, but he stopped me with ease.
“Show me.” They couldn’t keep any secrets. Not from me. Especially if it concerned me.
“No. Jungkook get her away from here.” I shrugged in defeat and slunked off myself without Jungkook doing anything. The minute my foot was on the top step they started to chatter amongst themselves, and I took that opportunity to try again.This time I succeeded. I moved away form him as fast as I could and skim read the note.
I know about the girl. If I were you, I’d keep a close eye on her. She’s quite the catch. But then again, so was Ailee. Send her my love Namjoon. Oh that’s right, you can’t.
Before I could process what was happening, I was slammed against the wall with Namjoon’s hand gripping my neck, the letter now in his spare hand. His eyes flashed a dark maroon as he lifted me off the ground by my neck.
I writhed under his grip, my hands clawing at his to get off me. “Bitch”, he seethed. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” I heard Yoongi’s voice in the distance. “Wait here.” He was probably talking to Jungkook.
Yoongi appeared out of nowhere, placing a hand on his shoulder. Namjoon stop. She’s frightened. You were no better when you were turned.” He reluctantly let go of me just as my vision was starting to go black, and I fell to the ground gasping. I was up on my feet almost immediately.
Yoongi stood between me and Namjoon before I could retaliate. “Just fucking lock her up somewhere”, Namjoon muttered spitefully before storming off, the now crumpled letter in his hand.
Yoongi didn’t turn around until I thanked him. He gave me a curt nod, but before he walked away, I had one more question. “What’s Bangtan?”
He paused. “It’s what we call our group. Our label, if you like. You mess with one of us...then you’ve messed with Bangtan.” And with that he walked off. I could smell blood from somewhere in the kitchen, so I left shortly after as well.
Jungkook was there to take me to my room. “It's late evening y/n. You’re clearly tired. You should sleep.” He gestured to the bed.
“Where do the rest of you sleep? Coffins?”
He chuckled at the question. “Very funny. We sleep in beds too. The hyungs used to sleep in the day, and hunt at night, but we’ve got them accustomed to the human way.” I nodded, peeling off the skinny jeans. The shirt was enough for bed.
I heard his breath hitch and glanced up at him. He just cleared his throat and looked away, and despite myself I smiled. “Night.”
“Goodnight y/n.” He shut the door gently behind him and the smile was gone. If they all slept at night then surely I could leave without them realising? I mean they were good, but surely they weren’t that good.
I waited until the dead of the night before I made my move. Careful to avoid the creaky floorboard from before, I started to creep down the stairs. Stupid house accentuated every breath I took with a quiet echo- or that might have just been my newfound sensitive sense of hearing.
If my heart was still beating, I’m sure I would have woken everyone up. Once down the stairs, I didn’t know where to go. The house really was huge, and I didn’t know where things were, aside from the few rooms I’d been in.
I jumped out of my skin when harrowing piano music started playing from nowhere. The notes gave me chills and I scolded myself for forgetting the jeans upstairs.
I followed the noise down the hallway and wondered why the others weren’t waking up. Maybe the senses shut down when a vampire was asleep? That had to be why one of them was up and playing music.
I stopped dead at the doorway of the room. No one from Bangtan was in that room. There was a beautiful man I had never seen before sat at the piano. He stopped the song as soon as he saw me, and smiled. His smile turned my blood to ice- it was honestly the most sinister smile I’d ever seen.
“Who the fuck are you?” Maybe Bangtan had another member they hadn’t told me about. “Jackson. Pleasure.” His honey-like voice was dripping with sarcasm at the introduction.
“Y/n, isn’t it?”
Jackson had been the name on that note. “How the hell do you know my name?”
He didn’t reply. “Where is everyone?”
“Oh, you mean Bangtan? Don’t worry about them. I had all their necks snapped, so the won’t be up for a couple of hours. Bones always are a pain to heal”, he added
theatrically. “That was the whispering you heard earlier. I asked my friends to assist me.”
So there was whispering! I knew I hadn’t been making it up. “Why? Why did you break their necks?”
He sighed like it was a stupid question. “So I can kill you without any distractions, silly!”
“I haven’t done anything!”, I responded with more indignation than fear. I should have been terrified, but wasn’t. Probably the same reason behind why I couldn't cry.
He got up suddenly, the chair he was on falling backwards. “Neither had she!”
“Who? Ailee?” I was confused. What was all this about?
He shook his head. “No princess, you’ve got it wrong. Ailee was Namjoon’s girl and I killed her. Beheaded her.” I felt sick as he spoke, telling me this with such eerie calmness. “And I did it because he killed my girl in his anger. But I don’t feel like that’s revenge enough. So imagine my joy when little Jungkookie turned you.”
“I know you tried to burn yourself. I’ve been patrolling this house all day- those idiots are deaf, but I heard everything. So why don’t I just end the misery and suffering for you?”
He noted my silence and continued. “Your case is a bit complicated”, he hummed. “From what I gather, the maknae tried to turn you, but it was Min Yoongi who finished the job. Which is strange. Yoongi’s done some pretty cruel things. I’m surprised he let you live.”
“How did you get in?”, I asked suddenly, changing the subject. I didn’t want a history lesson consisting of Yoongi’s torture methods. “There is a door at the back of the house. Jungkook, in his rush to bring you food, didn’t lock it.”
“You had the chance to kill him and you didn’t take it?”
He laughed. “All of Bangtan would have come running and I don’t think I could take all seven of them at once. Also, where’s the fun in that? I want him to suffer like I did. I want him to see your dead body hanging in front of his very eyes.”
My breathing became rapid at his nonchalant words.
“Or you could let me go...? I shouldn’t even be here. I was having a nice night out when-.” I stopped talking because Jackson dashed forward, stopping mere inches away.
“You’re different”, he mused. Why did everyone keep saying that? “Ailee was quite a lot older when I finally got to her, and even she showed signs of fear when I found her.’re not even breaking a sweat. You were just about to escape then weren’t you?”
“Of course I was”, I replied hotly. “This is imprisonment. I didn’t ask for this. Not to mention, Namjoon was choking me earlier today, so I’ve even had practice at being killed.” I was starting to wonder if I could talk my way out. His ice cold fingers ghosted up the side of my neck, feeling for a pulse that wasn’t there, and I saw his eyes flash. The look he gave me set me on edge.
“Y/n..”. he whispered, rolling the syllables on his tongue, like he was tasting the word. “Gotta hand it to the maknae, he has good taste. I can see the appeal.”
“Do you always hit on a girl before you kill her?” He chuckled. “No. But I’ll make an exception”. As I looked into his amused eyes, I thought I heard someone stir upstairs. If that was the case, someone had woken up earlier than expected.
Then I heard it. A small gasp. I could only hope that Jackson wouldn’t pick up on it. He pushed me firmly against the wall and held me there. “You’re quite weak at the moment. Refusing to feed still?”
“I’d rather die of starvation”, I replied. He grinned at me, and the sudden show of fangs startled me. “So if I did this...”, he said, whilst the fangs slowly sank into his arm, to my surprise, “ wouldn’t be tempted?”
I eyed the two trails of blood darkly, my breathing becoming shallower at the sight. It smelt so good, I couldn’t even imagine how it’s taste. “The wound’s gonna heal soon”, he chortled. “Why don’t you have a taste?”
Whoever was up upstairs was currently walking around, shaking everyone else awake. They hadn't been to my room yet, but I’m sure they could hear our conversation.
“Jackson”, I choked out through the strong sense of wanting. “Wow”, he mulled. “You really have a lot of willpower. Most new vampires would pounce.”
He leaned in close to my shaking form and whispered, “I know you can hear them upstairs. Do you think I’m stupid?” When his lips made contact with the shell of my ear, I shivered. This guy was good. Too good.
“Then why are you still here? There’s seven of them and one of you.”
“Ah princess, that’s where you come in. You see, Jungkook and Yoongi won’t harm me if you’re bait. And they’ll both fight anyone who tries.”
“No they won’t, dumbass”, I retorted before I could stop myself. “Namjoon could have choked me to death today, and all Yoongi did was calmly walk up to him and tell him to stop.”
“And if Namjoon hadn’t listened”, Jackson continued, “He would be six feet under by now.”
“So how did you guys kill each others girlfriends and get away with it?”
He shrugged. “We’re good fighters. We learned to hunt and fight together. Used to be friends before he became the bastard he is today.”
I felt a headache coming on. “ now you can’t kill me because then you can’t escape. Great fucking plan that was.”
I gasped as he increased the pressure on me, his body flush against mine. “You’ve got quite the mouth on you, haven’t you?”
“I just don’t sugar-coat shit”, I growled. “I’m not Willy Wonka.”
I thought I heard a chuckle from somewhere, but it was too quiet to make out. “You could kill me right now”, I murmured. “And run for it. They’re on their way down. Why aren’t you killing me?”
He could do what Yoongi stopped me from doing earlier. He could end it all. I didn’t want to spend eternity like this. He let go of me, his expression stoic. “It’s no fun if you’re not scared. And don’t worry about them, I’ve handled them all before.”
“Jackson”, a voice purred from the darkness. It was Jin’s voice. I blinked as someone turned the lights on. All seven of them were there. They were good at being quiet- neither of us had heard them approach.
“Get away from her”, Jungkook ordered through gritted teeth.
“Manners, maknae”, Jackson warned. “I told you all to keep a close eye on her. And what do you do? You all go to bed, while little y/n here tries to escape?” He applauded sarcastically.
I knew Bangtan had a plan. There had to be a reason they had taken almost 10 minutes to come downstairs. I glanced at Yoongi who was stood completely still, glowering at Jackson.
Upon further inspection, I noticed that Hoseok was holding him back by standing slightly in front of him. “You were trying to escape?”, Namjoon asked me distastefully.
“Obviously. Why would I stay in a place where if someone gets mad they tr to choke you to death?” His eyes flashed in silent anger, but he said nothing.
“You should be thankful really”, Jackson hummed. “If she hadn’t been up, I woulda gone and killed her in her sleep. So it’s just as well.”
“OK, well she’s still alive”, Jimin said slowly. “So you’re not going to do anything because you would have by what do you want?”
I noticed Jimin was still rubbing his neck- breaking it must have been quite a sore experience. Jackson wordlessly grabbed my hand and held it up, like I’d just won a sports event. “Her.”
There were collective angry hisses from Bangtan, but none of them stepped up. I was starting to wonder if Jackson was as capable as he’d made out- the rest of them looked reluctant, scared almost.
“And what if we don’t want to hand her over?”, Taehyung asked, probably with Jungkook in mind.
I gasped when Jackson whipped out a long gleaming knife from the inside of his coat. “You’d be wise not to refuse.” My bare legs trembled slightly at the sight of the weapon. Not in fear...but anticipation. I noticed the dried blood on Jackson’s arm, and shuddered once more.
“Fuck’s sake”, I muttered to Jackson. “I’ll go with you.”
He smirked at me. “I thought you wanted to die, Princess?” Both Yoongi and Jungkook shifted impatiently at the nickname.
I eyed the knife. “Not with that thing, I don’t.” He just chuckled. Bangtan thought I was weak...well I’d show them. Jackson clasped his hand over mine, and started to drag me in the opposite direction, knife still in hand. Like I said...he was good...but I was better.
I waited until we were a considerable distance down the corridor. Someone was mumbling curse words under their breath, but again, I was confused by why no one made a move to follow us.
I smiled sweetly at Jackson, and before he could react, I twisted his arm around his back so eagerly, that it broke. He yelped in shock, but before he could make sense of what was happening, I had the knife in my hand and he’d been kicked to the ground.
“Am I still weak, you son of a bitch?”, I panted, pointing the knife at his throat. He just grinned. I noticed the darkened veins on my hands and arms. He was cradling his broken arm, staring back up at me.
I didn’t have to look up to see all of Bangtan were staring at me. Jackson would get up any second, so I had to do it. I had to kill him, or be killed. So I went for the heart. The sight of blood started causing palpitations but I ignored it.
I finally looked at the boys, still stood down the corridor. “That was the strongest vampire for miles”, Jin whispered in awe.
All Namjoon could say was “Well, shit.”
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How dare you.....Bring GOT7 into this and kill Jackson off.....Omg.....Why??? I would've gone with Jackson!!! I'm so mad right now...Like...Just glad it wasn't Mark... 😭
i need chapter 5 i m addicted to this 😂😂👐😊😊👐👐👐
Ohh damn! She's bad ass!!Loving this turn of events.😆
@@slayyoongi omg seriously how can you make a girl wait for another chapter! Im going to die of waiting
"Well shit."
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