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Ch. 15
The boys come running into the hospital as soon as they got the call from Takuya, they reach the nurses station.
“SHIN, WHERE’S SHIN!” they shout at once. The nurses at the nurse station tell them to calm down.
“We’re his friends.” Seyoung says to the woman.
“I’m his brother.” Yongseok states. The woman looks at him.
“Okay.” She gives us information about Shin. They reach the waiting room for the OR, they see Takuya sitting on the floor in a corner. Seyoung runs over to him, the others follow.
“Takuya!” Seyoung said, Takuya lifts his head, tears running down his face.
“What happened?” Seyoung asks as he wraps his arms around his friend and hugs him tight.
“My father, he hurt Shin.” Takuya said. Everyone looked at each other in shock and surprise.
“What do you mean your father?” Casper asks in a serious tone.
“My father is homophobic, when I told him I was gay he beat me up. My mother and I moved here to get away from him. I had no idea he was looking for me and I had no idea he would hurt Shin.” Takuya explains.
“So your father did this to Shin?” Casper confirms, his hands becoming fists. Sangmin watching him. A doctor walks in.
“Family of Mr. Shin?” The doctor calls out; we all turn our heads in the direction the voice came from. Takuya stands up. Yongseok takes his hand and walks to the doctor while the others walked behind them.
“I’m his brother.” Yongseok said.
“Mr. Shin has a couple broken ribs, and punctured his lung and he had some internal bleeding but we were able to take care of that. He’s resting you can visit tomorrow.” The doctor informs us. After the doctor leaves, Takuya takes a deep breath and lets it out.
“Please stay with him, please tell him I love him.” He asks us, and then walks out of the room. Casper follows him.
Casper’s POV
I follow Takuya out of the hospital and watch him. I see him pull out his phone when he reaches the edge of the street.
“Where are you? We need to talk.” Takuya said into his phone, I could only assume he was talking to his father.
“WHERE ARE YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Takuya screams into his phone. I see him hail a taxi, I run over to him and push him into the car. We get into the car and he has a look of surprise on his face.
“What the hell.” Takuya asks.
“I’m coming with you, Shin’s my best friend, I’m not going to let this go. Plus, if you plan on doing anything Shin would kill me if I let you go alone.” I tell him. Takuya lets out a sigh.
Takuya gives directions to the cabby and we leave.
“I’m sorry Casper this is all my fault.” Takuya said. I took Takuya’s hand in mine.
“No it’s not. Don’t think it is. Okay.” I try my best to reassure Takuya but I’m not good at this so I pretty sure he doesn’t feel better.
“Let’s just be thankful that Shin will be alright.” I say to him, Takuya nods his head and gives a tiny smile. It didn’t take but maybe 20 minutes to reach the destination. Takuya gives the cabby money and we get out of the car.
“So glad you could make it son. Long time no see.” A man who was sitting on a bench said, he took his last puff on a cigarette.
“Why did you have to hurt him; he did nothing to you. We left to make your life easier.” Takuya said to his father.
“I want your mother to come back to me, I could care less about you. Stay for all I care, but I want your mother.” His father explained.
“That still doesn’t answer why you beat my boyfriend up.” Takuya said.
“He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Takuya’s father said. “Tell your mother to come back to Japan with me, and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll even pay for your queer’s hospital bills.”
When I heard that I didn’t think twice about it, I ran up to Takuya’s father and I punch him in the face.
“Maybe you should be beaten up to a bloody pulp, with your ribs broken and punctured lung!” I yell at the man as I get on top of him and keep punching him. Takuya drags me off of him and holds me back.
“Eye for and eye father, leave us alone. The next time you contact me, my mother, or my friends and I will call the cops.” Takuya said, as he dragged me away.
“Are you alright?” Takuya asks. I look at my hands to see that they were bloody but it wasn’t mine it was Takuya’s father.
“Yeah I’m fine, that was nice compared to what he did to Shin.” I said. Takuya nods his head.
“Thanks, for doing that, I honestly don’t know if I could have, with him being my father.” Takuya begins to cry again. “That’s so wrong of me isn’t it, I couldn’t even take care of the man who hurt Shin. I’m a coward.” Takuya weeps into his hands. I pat his back and rub it.
“It’s hard when it’s both people who mean something to you, you have to make a tough choice on who’s more important.” I tell him.
“Shin, he’s more important.” Takuya says immediately. I chuckle.
“Of course he is, you’re not a coward Takuya, you’re just a peaceful man who doesn’t like violence but will use it if necessary.” I explain to him, and with this a small smile crosses his face.
I walk Takuya back home, just in case his father followed him. Plus, Shin would kick my ass if I left his side. I could picture Shin when he finds out what Takuya said, he’ll probably hit me for not making him feel better. But honestly I think Takuya needs Shin to feel better.
“Hey, I’ll come by here early and we can go to the hospital together and check on our Shin.” I tell Takuya. Takuya nods his head and smiles, he leans in and gives me a hug.
“Thank you Casper.” Takuya said before he went into his house and I went home.
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awwe casper is such a good friend yaaaass casper!!!