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ACEO Trading-Card Event

Hey everyone! Ever dreamt of owning original artwork of your most favourite Fanart-artist? If so, this will blow your mind, I am introducing: Manga/Anime’s FIRST international ATC/ACEO trading event!! What is ATC/ACEO? To explain it shortly, ACEO/ATC is an Original Art trade on a credit-card-sized medium, to be exact, the artwork has to be EXACTLY 3,5 x 4,5 inches big. ATC is short for Art Trading Card and ACEO is short for Art Cards, Edition and Originals. Art can be traded in every form! That means you can create an ATC/ACEO-card by using different mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencils, photographs, artisan craft or Copic Markers, just to name a few. Also copies of your originals can be sold, cheaper but in huge quantities if the demand exists. Sooo... what exactly is a trading event supposed to be like? RULES There will be one person, the manager, who will oversee the entire event. He is the person, who will handle the collecting and the distribution of the cards and also is in charge of e.g. questions or event related user communication. This means, he will answer to both regular users’ and participants’ questions. Participants: 20 Card amount: 2 Time frame of the event: 2 weeks Start: 1.8.2013 Thursday End: 15.8.2013 Thursday Distribution and mailing back by: 19.8.2013 Monday Theme: Shounen vs Shoujo Anime The participants will each draw two cards, that will be uploaded on, then clipped under a new Collection called “Trading card event”. The cards will be sent to the manager who will then again redistribute the cards; every participant receiving two cards from two other artists in return for their own. By sending in two cards of your own, you will be able to receive two ORIGINAL Artworks by two different Artists! Every participant has to like and comment the cards of the other participants. This will help you get a chance to receive your most favourite card, since the manager will distribute the cards based on preferences! But don’t forget, you cannot have every card you wish for and the manager is trying his best too ;) You will not only get two original artworks, you will also receive exposure to a big pool of other artists! Special Contest: During the event itself, a contest within the event will be started: The person who receives the most comments, clips and likes will win a special price! The special price being: a 35$ coupon for an art supply store. That means: every like, every clip and every comment on every card you uploaded to Vingle, that is your own Artwork, will count. It is allowed to upload more than just the required two pictures onto, so you can receive more feedback. The winner of the contest will also be able to choose one card he or she wants to be sent back to him or her from all the drawn cards! There will also be a second place! The second place is allowed to choose one card he or she wants for him or herself aswell! The cards will have to be sent by mail and they have to be received by the 15th of August. Within the envelope there will have to be a second envelope with your OWN mailing address written on it and enough stamps to be sent back to you; this will be the envelope that the event manager will use to redistribute the cards. That means: No envelope, no sending back of your redistributed cards. The manager cannot pay for the redistribution. Concerning the topic: Shounen vs Shoujo, what do I want from the artist? One card is supposed to show a famous mainstream Shounen Anime such as Naruto, One Piece or Bleach, the characters preferably in Action or in a special pose. The other card showing the same, but the characters have to be chosen from a famous mainstream Shoujo Anime/Manga such as Sailor Moon or Skip Beat!. Good examples: (examples insert here) It is NOT allowed for the motive to be copied from another artwork, references are allowed, but one to one copies will not be accepted. This does not mean, that the artist itself is disqualified! It is just the card he will have to redraw again. It is also not allowed to show explicit, pornographic or violent content on the cards. (blood and not too graphic wounds are allowed e.g. cuts and bruises) Abusive language and disobeying the rules will also lead to a disqualification of the artist, so please be nice to us and each other ;D Okay, I am done with the boring part ;) SO, is EVERYONE pumped to participate in this event? I know I am ;) Trust me and my trusted advisor, this event is going to kick some ass :D! So long and yours truly, PiuPiuPENGUIN/ Manakeks
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