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100 Days of Anime, 75: Favorite Friendship

Soma & Megumi - Shokugeki no Soma

Okay, so I'm only about halfway caught up in this anime (just finished the camp from hell), but I love the relationship between these two! They remind me a bit of NaruHina, but I'm not sure yet if I ship them and in what capacity. I love how Soma gives Megumi strength and how he was willing to risk expulsion to defend her. Plus they kinda have beautiful matching golden eyes, which I love! I think their personalities fit together and balance out quite nicely!

Honorable Mentions

This was super tough, and I had a TON of considerations! I planned out today's and tomorrow's cards together so I didn't overlap so I could cover more, but it was still nearly impossible to whittle it down to 6 features for each! I want to clarify that I'm not friendzoning any of these pairs of characters; on the contrary I ship almost all of them to some extent, but they are friendships first!

Nagisa & Karma - Assassination Classroom

Who doesn't love these 2!? Based on my understanding (it was a bit obscure in the anime, and I haven't read the manga yet), they were close friends before Nagisa was sent to E-Class, and Karma was the only one to defend him when everyone else was giving him the End Class treatment, which is the reason that he was suspended and sent to the E-Class himself (again, I might be a bit off, but I like to think this is how it all went down). I love how he pokes fun at Nagisa and how Nagisa seems to understand Karma more than anyone else.

Rukia & Orihime - Bleach

I just love the way these girls started to bond in Bleach, not really sure why! I might even ship them more than I ship IchiRuki!

Natsu & Lucy - Fairy Tail

Before you NaLu's attack, let me be clear that I am totally one of you, but their relationship would be nothing without the friendship that serves as its foundation! Natsu was the one who made Lucy's dream come true and brought her into Fairy Tail in the first place, and they've been inseparable ever since! I think he feels really responsible for her, and she kinda does her best to keep him in line! They protect each other and give each other strength, and it's really just beautiful!

Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist

Riza Hawkeye is Roy Mustang's right hand man (I don't care that Hawkeye is a woman; you know I'm right!)! She looks out for him and gives him a hard time, and I just love their relationship! (I totally ship this one, by the way)

Kirito & Sinon - Sword Art Online

I can't justify not shipping Kirito x Asuna, even though I think they're totally overrated as a couple, but my heart goes out to Kirito x Sinon shippers because I really do love their relationship, probably more than the former! Sinon is tough and doesn't take any shit from anyone, especially Kirito, and I just love the way their personalities fit together. I think they have a special kind of understanding of each other since they both know what it means to take a life. They really kind of stand as equals, and I just love that kind of dynamic between them.
As always, hope you enjoyed! If you wanna learn more about me/ be my friend/ be tagged in these, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm nice, I swear (mostly ;p)! Or I guess you can follow my 100 Days of Anime collection, or both if you feel so inclined! Until next time! Please, feel free to share your thoughts/answers in the comments! I love discussion! Tagging some nakama! @AimeBolanos @alliepetey @assasingod @biancadanica98 @BlackDragon88 @CandyApple22 @choppabelle @DemonAngel522 @fairydemon15 @hanetama @hikaymm @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @JasmynAnchondo @JessicaFerrier @jevonlowery @KageTsuki040910 @kazam98 @KennyMcCormick @KiNg4LiFe @kouvarisb @KurosakiJess @LuffyNewman @midnitestar421 @MissStrawberry @msfancysunshine @NikkoNikole @NikolasSatterwh @nimm14 @otakukpoper @ovvhr @PASCUASIO @RazChaosRender @SAMURXAI @SimplyAwkward @SuperWolverBat @TakamiRen @tayhar18920 @Tylor619 @ZephyrBlaze
@OtakuDemon10 yeah I feel ya, makes them more worthy and uplifting or more meaningful that just a pic and some words. True ideas of what kinda inspiration someone got from an anime or what they took from an anime. I can be different for every person so I love seeing everyone's opinions and ideas and lessons learned too!! Also I like to give a little back to NAKAMA from what anime has given to me which is so so much!!
@LuffyNewman I try! I like my cards to have substance!
@OtakuDemon10 this was a great in depth write up and amazing choices!!
@LuffyNewman Thanx!😆
These are all pretty awesome and badass duos/ off set friendships!! Even if they have to act professional I love the side actions where they show their friendship sides haha. For all of them!! Great choices especially for Shokugeki no Soma, Assassination Classroom this one is def a must, fullmetal alchemist awesome choice too, and Rukia and Orihime from bleach is a cool friendship combo that gets passed over a lot!! Also Lucy and Natsu is cool bc it's one of the few mixed gender besties along with Megumi and Soma and Kirito and Sinon's short but epic battle turned into friendship of course!! I love that most of these are from short to mid length anime and not the big shounen anime that are out!! Awesome choices again NAKAMA!!
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