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Kakashi & Gai - Naruto

Hands down gotta be these guys! Bonded by their heated rivalry, these two are best buds and the perfect team!

Honorable Mentions

Like I said yesterday, it was super tough narrowing this down to a manageable umber of bromances!

Soul & Black Star - Soul Eater

This was super close to the top spot, as their total bromance moment in Kid's First Day is still one of my favorite moments in all of anime (omg, it's even funnier in Japanese! X'D Video included)

Yato & Yukine - Noragami

I always praise this anime because of its progression and growth, which I think is why it's one of my top favorites! I love the relationship between Yato and Yukine and how it has evolved over time! Initially, it was kind of like Yukine was an ungrateful child and Yato was his step-father or something. After Yukine's ablution though, he became more responsible, and their relationship evolved into one of more of a brotherly nature. Now that Yukine has become a blessed vessel and Yato's official exemplar, their relationship has flipped, and he has become Yato's guiding light.

Urahara & Yoruichi - Bleach

Okay, so I'm interpreting the term "bromance" pretty loosely with these two, especially because I totally ship it, but I think they qualify for this! Yoruichi is the former captain of squad 2 of the 13 Court Guard Squads and is the one who recommended Urahara, her subordinate at the time, for the opening as captain of squad12. They argue like an old married couple, and I love them!

Gray & Natsu - Fairy Tail

I could probably pick just about any pair of Fairy Tail characters for this, but I think this is probably the strongest BroTP! Natsu and Gray have always pushed each other to their limits, but they also keep each other in check. They may constantly be at each others throats, but in the end they're always there for each other!

Hikaru & Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club

In case you didn't already know how I love these boys, now you do! They're completely inseparable, total trolls, and probably my favorite part of Ouran!
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Until next time! Please, feel free to share your thoughts/answers in the comments! I love discussion!
I love gray and natsu so much its come to the point of shipping them.....is that bad should I get help
XD omg I love all of these lol
Kakashi and Guy is my favorite bromance.... Yoruichi was first ever waifu for me :3
Urahara and Yoruichi plus they're a ship..BOOM!!
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