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I have been writing anime X readers for so long. I wanted to finally show off my passion with K-pop scenarios and imagines. So the best place to start is with Got7! So check it out and tell me what you think. I am taking requests as well. Also I am going to be making a K-pop/K-Drama/ korean variety show hosts/ Korean comedians book on Wattpad! But I have no ideas yet so it would be cool to have requests for that too! Anyways, check out the first part to my got7 scenarios and imagines. It's called "Got7Fanfictioning"! Jackson wants all of you to read ^_^ just look at him in those pictures above! Also if anyone wants to be friends that would be cool. I need friends on Vingle, I don't have anyone and feel like a total outcast because of my shyness >///. I really love reading posts on this app. Thank You guys for being amazing and awesome people!
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@jupiterchan ok ..see how you posted this in Kpop Community all you have to do is look for GOT7 Kpop Community or type it in when it ask you to publish it in a community...that's it..
@luna1171 yeah but I don't know too much on how that works. Could you enlighten me more?
Awsome place to start..hehhe..but can u bring it to Vingle. .to the GOT7 community?