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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roomates. And a baby. Genre: Comedy, Friendship Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes ~Chapter One ~~Chapter Two ~~~Chapter Three ~~~~Chapter Four ~~~~~Chapter Five Hey folks, welcome back to the very delayed 6th installment of Bangtan Baby. I just want to apologize for my absence, it has been a very busy few weeks. But no worries, the moving is over, I am in my new house, and you are all invited to come and make spaghetti with me ^^ Expect proper updates! Without further ado, here's chapter six~
So I was sitting there, right? And suddenly, I felt the head of the person next to me fall on my shoulder. I was startled, you know, because I was on an airplane, and stuff like that kinda gets to some people. But then I remembered, after hearing the person utter “I do have jams...” in their sleep, I was on a plane back to Ohio, and I was taking FREAKING BTS WITH ME. Jimin’s head lolled gently with the constant turbulence, tucked in under my curtain of hair on my shoulder. He was on my right, and Jungkook was scrolling through music on my left. Behind was Tae, Yoongi, and JHope, leaving Jin and Namjoon in front. I pat Jimin’s head and flipped a page in the boring maternity magazine spread. “Hey, Rei? Can I borrow that magazine when you’re done?” I heard Taehyung’s voice sneak in through the seats behind me. “Are you pregnant?” I asked. “No, not yet.” “Then it’s pointless for you,” I aimlessly flipped another page, scanning over the words. Namjoon peered over his seat, curious. “He’s probably just wondering where babies come from.” “I know where they come from,” Tae piped up, then with a blank face, said “Pigeons.” I turned with knitted eyebrows, shaking my head to myself in disbelief. Ah, whatever, I wasn’t ready to face his antics. He was tight-lipped, his eyes squinted. “I just wanted to fold origami with the pages.” “Use something else, she needs those pages.” Namjoon stated pointedly, and I eyed him over the magazine. That should have been the truth, but it wasn’t my first time reading that one; I just had nothing else to read. “What else can I use?” Tae pegged, squeezing his face in between the cushions. I sighed, opting to ignore the rest of the conversation. I shouldn’t have even been on the plane; boarding while expecting a child was not recommended, but luckily I was not too far along at the time. “Use the paper folded in Yoongi’s front left pocket.” God, Namjoon, you’re about to start a war here. I heard the sounds of Tae moving back into his seat, the ruffling of clothing following suit. My eyes rolled, this wouldn’t turn out well, and it didn’t take long for me to hear the gruff and intimidating “I will kill you” come from the supposedly napping Suga. “Sorry.” I flipped a page again, sighing, trying to focus on the words before me. “Be nice to your kid,” Jin absently stated beside the leader who was hiding his deep chuckles as his eyes smiled over the cushion. He watched the whole thing, and must’ve felt proud about it; his pranks rarely ever fell through. “He’s your kid too, maybe he’ll learn not to listen to people so easily.” “Will you two stop being gay for a few minutes? I really need to make sure I know this stuff.” I pursed my lips and glared sharply at the two, tearing an advertisement page out and blindly tossing it over my chair to the disheartened V. “Looks like the hormonal part is kicking in,” Jin said softly, giving me a sympathetic smile, and then turning back in his seat. He was probably right. Namjoon cocked his head and scratched his ear, “Fine, fine. We’ll leave you be.” I nodded once, offering a tight smile, appreciating his resolve. Fast forward quite a few hours with Jungkook falling asleep on my other shoulder and Yoongi threatening both Hoseok and Taehyung three more times, we arrived. Going from South Korea to Ohio isn’t a straight shot, and by the time we’d stepped foot on U.S soil, we were all tense and lagged. I even puked a few times, having to dash to the nearest bathroom at the airport two times before my stomach actually settled. The boys were worried, but I told them it was completely normal. After locating the rental van in the garage, I urged the boys in and we were off. It felt weird, though; I rarely ever went out with all of them at once into the public eye. But in the rural side of Ohio, I guess I shouldn’t worry about a famed Kpop group being recognized. “Okay, so my mom told me he was released from the hospital yesterday. As soon as I drop you guys off at the hotel, I’m going to go and visit him first. You’re free to wander around, just don’t get lost, and keep your phones on you... I can’t believe I actually let you all come with me. Your manager will murder me if anything happens to you.” I bit my lip behind the wheel, those final words being drowned out by my conscience waving a big warning flag. I sighed, tuning out the boys’ verbal agreements to my terms. My thoughts drifted back to the phone call with my mother; “He said he really wants to see you, Reina.” I pondered it again and again, and still could not figure out what I was going to say to him. What the hell do I say to a man whose appearance I long since forgot? She had given me his address and his phone number, the same phone he used to contact my mother after he’d been admitted into the hospital. That’s right; my father was the one who made the call, in hopes of seeing me, not the nurses or anyone else. I was surprised the thought had even crossed his mind while he was lying on a potential death bed. “Are you sure you don’t want any of us to go with you?” I hadn’t noticed the passengers of the vehicle were completely silent, and it was Namjoon who spoke out. I simply nodded my head, peering at him in the rear-view mirror. “It’ll be coolio, no sweat.” I answered in slightly-accented English. He smiled softly, and I turned my eyes back to the road, pulling into the hotel parking lot as the streetlamps just flickered on. After checking the boys in and putting Namjoon in charge (leader or not, he was most reliable not to make a fool of himself trying to talk to someone), they followed me to our rooms and we all met in mine. “Boys, I’ll be off now. Please behave. Anyone who does anything they’re not supposed to will be smacked on the butt by V.” “Me? Yes!” “And if V misbehaves, everyone smacks him on the butt.” “Aww...” I saluted them with a smile, a final reassurance that everything would be alright, and turned to leave the hotel room full of concerned young men. ~~~ The GPS on my phone took me to a small, homey neighborhood. It reminded me of when I lived with my mom the short periods of time actually spent in Japan. I parked in the driveway, a single four-passenger car taking up the rest of the space. I had been on edge the entire drive, but suddenly, making my way up to the door, the moon displaying its first dip of milky brightness, I was shaking. Like a maniac on a drug-rush, I was shaking, so hard. I stopped to collect myself, but ended up cursing and wondering if it was too late to back out yet. Should I call him? Make sure he knows his long lost daughter is out on his doorstep? No. I shook my head absently; mom told me he was already expecting me that evening. I mustered up the courage and continued to the door, the simple white panel seemingly more intimidating with every step. My palms sweated. My breath hitched. And when I arrived, I gulped loudly, like a fish desperate for water, and knocked soundly. I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe a man who actually wasn’t my father but a serial murderer who used tactical skills to lure me there? Perhaps a woman who actually once was a man called my father? Truthfully, I had never been more afraid in my life. And when the door opened, and I was met with a face that I somehow recognized, I knew nothing about him had changed. He hugged me, and my nerves went away. That was him. I don’t know how I ultimately came to that conclusion so quickly, but the feeling erupted within me, and I knew that man was my father. My arms rose around him, and I hugged him back, feeling as though I had found something lost that I never tried looking for, but really should have. ~~~ “YOU WHAT?!” Whether I was screaming because I was angry or just damned shocked beyond belief, I couldn’t tell. I asked him to repeat himself. “Reina, hush that mouth! I’m sorry to have lied about... well... everything... But I am just a huge fan! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!” My eye twitched, and I collapsed back into the couch. I knew it wasn’t just coincidence; my heart had almost stopped upon entering and seeing at least four Bangtan posters spread across the walls. But hearing it from his mouth really had me feeling some sort of way. “So you...” my eyes squeezed shut. “faked having a heart attack... to get my mother... to tell me... to come to the U.S... because you found out... I am rooming with BTS...” One eye opened and gauged his response, just in case the past three minutes had been a delusion. But nope. The plump, balding man with my eye color simply twiddled his thumbs and said, “Yes that is correct.” “UGHHHH.” My exasperated groan bounced off the walls. I am officially crazy. The baby within me has no hope being born from a crazy mother. I passed a palm over my eyes and drew out a breath, reevaluating the situation. “Reina... I’m really sorry. I didn’t think it through... But trust me, I really did want to see you. I just... didn’t know how to act. It’s been so long.” He had a gentle voice, one that wasn’t too deep. But it was earnest, the kind of voice that when you hear it, you figured it would be great for storytelling. He was kind of a gentle guy, I guess; the roundness of him taking away any brute-like features he may have had, the kind eyes that glistened when he talked about something he liked... Maybe a softy at heart, but I suppose that’s why my anger for the situation vanished so quickly. “Well...” I began, sitting up with an arm draped over my abdomen. “I guess we aren’t too different there. If I’m being honest, I had no idea if coming here was even the right decision.” My heart was still racing from the discovery my late 40-something years old father was a BTS fanboy, but it warmed up a bit. “I guess I’m glad I came... dad.” The brightest smile you could ever imagine crossed his features, his eyes so happy and gleaming with joy, I nearly forgot I was scammed into travelling there. I felt like... I don’t know, I did a good deed for him. He was probably extremely lonely in his age. “Oh, Reina, I’m glad you came too!” The slight gap in between his front teeth made his grin look even goofier, but it was a sight I knew I would never forget. Sure, my dad probably knew more about BTS than even I did, but then and there, I decided that questionable trip was totally worth it.
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