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{SS} Fairy Tail Sexy Saturday!
I'll start this off with who I personally think is the sexiest girl of them all and that would be the beautiful Ice mage, Ur!
I cant forget my favorite neko girl in all of Fairy Tail, Millianna!!
Next is the sexy little book worm, with brains and beauty, Levy McGarden!
We all know and love this girl! Erza Scarlet! But not just Scarlet, I also think Knightwalker is sexy in her very own right!
And my personal favorite Celestial Spirt, Virgo! Yes the sexy maid who always wants to be punished!
Can't forget about my beautiful Laki over here!
It wouldn't be a complete list with my love Wendy Marvell!
Well that us that, hope you all enjoy these beautiful woman! Until next time! @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @tylor619 @otakudemon10
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my little Wendy so adorable no matter what.
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my woody is reaching for the sky
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am i the only one who thinks any pic of wendy in an overly attractive way is kinda disturbing?
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