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Once again, I find myself a day late. It happens. XD Anyway, on to the question: who is my rival?

Shogo Makishima

Okay, so, why this guy? It's not actually because I hate him... rather, because I admire him. Now, before you all shoot me with a Dominator, allow me to explain. First of all, Makishima had the right idea. The Sybil System was nowhere near perfect- in fact, it could be downright oppressive (I mean, what exactly could a five-year-old have done to be labeled a latent criminal for the rest of his life?) Second, the man was smart as hell... he knew what he wanted done, and he knew how to do it. The world was his chessboard, and he knew exactly which pieces to move and which to sacrifice in the name of his goals. Not to mention, he had an ideal, and he was dedicated to it. I admire people with those kind of traits. That is why Makishima would be my rival... we would have the same ideas, but at the same time, I think going around killing a bunch of people was maaaaybe the wrong way to go about spreading the word.
And so another card comes to an end... assuming I'm not shot with Dominators, I shall return. Ja ne! @hikaymm
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