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Main Pairing: Kyuhyun X Reader X Donghae Genre: Romance; Angst A/N: I'm sorry this took a while, but I hope it's a long enough read for you :)
Chapter 3 As much as Y/N thinks he is, Kyuhyun is not a fool when it comes to love. He's had his share of love confessions, crushes, etc. Granted, those feelings were towards him rather than the other way around. But that was because someone had crawled her way into his heart and she hasn't left. The girl who would call him up late at night while he was working on a new theory to make sure he went to bed. The girl who would bring him breakfast the day after and a nice cup of coffee, with lots of extra shots. The girl who would fight against the people who dared question him just because he was young. The girl who brought him peace when he would started to get frustrated since the theory wasn't working out. The girl who would stay by his side, no matter what. Long story short, he was clearly aware that he was completely and utterly in love with Y/N. But, he would never admit it. He treasured your friendship and would rather go through life just being right beside you. But he didn't think that somewhere along the line you might end up falling for somebody else. He miscalculated. He made a mistake. But it doesn't mean that he's going to quit so easily. ^^^^ A hand slapped down across Kyuhyun's back, causing him to wince in pain. "Y/N, I know it's you," he grumbled, looking up from his book. "Who said I was trying to hide," she said before sticking her tongue out and taking a seat next to him. He rolled his eyes before shoving some of his food towards her. "I couldn't finish it," he said before turning back to his book. She pouted. "I went out of my way to find you and I only get leftovers and you studying?" Y/N, nonetheless, proceeded to eat the food. Kyuhyun struggled to hide the smirk that was slowly creeping onto his face. "Who said I wanted you to find me," he teased before putting his book down. Y/N smiled at his action and watched as he turned towards her. He winked before taking the piece of food that she had in her hand. "Do you want anything else," he asked, wiping the side of her mouth with a napkin. She shook her head before finishing up the rest of the food. Kyuhyun watched in silence as usual, making sure that nothing ended up staining her beautiful face. She sighed when she finished and pushed the tray away before lying down on the table. He watched in amusement as she proceeded to grumble under her breath. He tilted his head, as if asking her to repeat. "You left me this morning," she said a little louder before turning her face away from him. "We were supposed to walk together but you left me with Donghae." Kyuhyun chuckled at her childish behavior. "What kind of girl complains about being left with her boyfriend," he asked, brushing through her hair. "This girl does," she said, still not facing him. "I always walk with you on your first day." "Why are you such a child," he teased, poking her side. "Cause you're my best friend," she exclaimed playfully, finally turning her head towards him. Kyuhyun has heard that line so many times before, but he had never thought that it would actually hurt him to hear it one day. He forced a smile and decided to get up and throw the trash away. Y/N grabbed his book and quickly followed, proceeding to hug him from behind once he finished his task. The confused boy relaxed into the hug before stiffening. His head knew that he shouldn't be enjoying this. She had a boyfriend. But his heart was screaming for him to relax and just take her away. Of course, he couldn't do the latter. No, he had to play this game fair. He forced himself to take off her hands before turning around to face her. But, before he could say anything, she tilted her head and said," I really missed doing that." Kyuhyun's mind went blank at the sight of the beautiful girl in front of him, causing him to smile. He could let it go. Just for today. So he grabbed her hand and took her to the next class, completely unaware of the eyes that were upon them.
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