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So I got my second tattoo yesterday! Sorry it's mirrored! It says "꿈 희망 전진". My vingle family who can read Korean, do you recognize where this is from? You guessed correctly(I bet)! It's from Young Forever by BTS! For those who can't read Korean, it says "Dream, Hope, Move Forward". I hope you like it! I thought you guys would like to see it!
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@jojojordy2324 i was thinking about a phrase from a song, but i might just want to do the title of a honestly i have too many ideas and no idea which one to pick 😂😂😂
@naekkeohaja I feel ya! haha but both those ideas sound awesome! you should definitely do it!
@jojojordy lol thanks! 😊😊😊😊 i will most likely do the song title, or something else who knows~~ thanks again!
looks great! :)
@DeeNice thank u! 😊