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Straw Hats always stand strong and proud!! @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @nimm14 @ChrisStephens @DevilsSon NAKAMA 4 Ever!! One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!! Love the ones YOU HAVE, because those are the ones who HAVE YOU!!
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gotta be ready with a crazy cap'n @luffynewman
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@DevilsSon haha you know it Sogeking!! My ace sniper!!
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@odysseu5 omg I just saw that xD
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This is incredible Luffy, reminds me of a where in the world is Waldo image, only difference is everybody's gotta have a gun!
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@sammcallister haha yeah I can see the relation for sure I used to have like a bunch of those which were awesome I want anime ones now haha. But pretty sure there is a scene pretty similar haha! Awesome comparison!!
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