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[BTOB] Week 2: Weekly Melody
Hello everyone! Its me, MC Stephanie for another sement of "Weekly Melody!" "Weekly Melody" is a weekly segment that will showcase the amazing talent that the group has by sharing BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody" videos! I'll be going in order that Cube Entertainment released the videos!

ENJOY!! ( ´ ▽ ` )


Minhyuk's cover of "Open" by G-Soul

Minhyuk is the perfect example of the amount of hidden talent BTOB has. His role in the group is a rapper but he also has such an amazing singing voice too!

Changsub's cover of "After the Love" by Ha Dongkyun

His voice is just pure perfection. (*^^*)♡

What did you think about Minhyuk and Changsub? Leave your thoughts on the comments down below!!

And that's it for this week!! Tune in next week for the last 2 members and the last 2 videos in Season 1 of "I'll Be Your Melody"!


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