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Ah, the finale. The day I was actually most looking forward too, more or less. "Who is your (my) life companion?" I assume this is supposed to be an anime character, but if not, I would still choose this anime character anyway. As I type this first part, I am unsure how this card will go, but here it is... below this text that is...down there. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Stop reading this part. Go on, continue.
Akane Tsunemori, from the anime "Psycho Pass." Ah yes, the best waifu of all time(That is in my opinion, of course. There are still other greats). To be honest, I'm pretty bad at understanding why I feel the way I feel, and same with others. I am a very logic based person, and I am bad with emotion. Of course, that's not exactly right. I understand what I feel and what others do or WILL feel, but I don't know WHY so much. I am good at making others feel how I want them too, and same with myself, but it is still weird to me. Why did I mention this? Basically, it's my excuse to say I don't entirely know why I like her. I literally re-watched the Psycho Pass movie to remind myself... I finished it like five minutes ago from now. I'll stop rambling.
What I do know, for one, is that I find her quite attractive, as a character. She is very pretty, and has a nice smile. She also has a nice figure. Onto the more important reason, her personality. I'm not good at personifying people, but I can say a few things I like. #7: She is very strong willed, and has great determination. Not only does her Psycho Pass (watch the show) never get cloudy, but even with all she goes through, she never gives up. She likes doing things the way that she sees as right, which is admirable, and she also a bit stubborn with that, which I find a bit cute. #4: Akane is considerate. One thing I hadn't paid much attention to before, which I noticed in the movie (and chapter one of the Manga), was her attitude towards the lives of latent criminals (watch the show). Many enforcers don't seem to consider circumstance when they target people, they just shoot if their dominator (watch the show) tells them too, even if said latent criminal is basically innocent (that part was basically one episode, I admit, I just found that part admirable, lemme give better examples). As far as I can tell, she tries to detain criminals, rather than kill then when the option arises. She also doesn't seem to like seeing death, even though that is kind of part of her job as an investigator. You know what, I don't know, maybe I am wrong. But, I feel like that is true.
#00.85.9: She is awesome. Akane is, (to avoid profanity), bad a**. We all know what that means, but I hate using profanity. Yes, she is very skilled in hand to hand combat, and gun fights as well. She adapts to situations quickly and easily, and is quite a survivor. She is also pretty smart. Perhaps no Light Yagami, or Lelouch Vi Brittania, but she is pretty smart I think. She did get higher test scores than anyone in her graduating class, in every area (and there were a lot). Point is, survivor, fighter. #number: She is a leader. One I would be completely willing to follow. Akane is trustworthy, and reliable (are those the same word? not technically). As she gains more experience at her job (I should mention she is crime investigator), she is also better at leading her team. She is definitely someone that can be relied on, which I already said. #AT: She is quite kind as well. Nuff said.
Akane is also kind of adorable sometimes. She just makes cute faces I guess, like this one, and the next. I'm not even sure if she was actually pouting in the second picture, I don't think she really even had a reason to (was part of the movie), it just looked like it and it was adorable. (Almost forgot, she is the kind of person I could see myself being happiest with. I don't love easily, but I could fall in love with her most likely. I can imagine things vividly, and life with her would probably be amazing to me. I feel akward now though, I usually don't talk about my romantic feelings. [I added this after the rest was done. "Why did I tell you this?" ......heh....]) #Cirumstancial: In other words, I also came to like her due to circumstances. Basically, as I said on my day 5 card, I have a favorite singer of all time. Said singer sings all three end songs of this anime (Psycho Pass), and I really really love her voice (especially in the second ed). So basically, when I think of that singer, I think of Akane, even though the avatar for said singer is "Inori" from "Guilty Crown." Boom, circumstance, with my weird self.
If anyone read all of this, for real, thanks, it means a lot. I was actually really being myself in this card more than in any of the other six (I ramble, make random notes, or be random...ish, I'm general). If I managed to make anyone laugh as well, well then yay. I... well that is a good. Tis nice. Anyone, thank you community for taking the time to read my cards, and especially thank you to any likes and comments I get, especially the comments. They mean that using my time to make these was worth it. So, anyone else love Akane like I do? Or perhaps other said person mentioned in this card? Who do you all think of as your favorite waifu. I will stop my... yea. @hikaymm (thanks for tagging me into this game) @SimplyAwkward (as you can tell, I am also akward, and thanks for bringing attention to these) @tayhar18920 (I appreciate your help as well. I still don't know how to put this in the "Intro Week" collection) @P1B2Bear (I also thank you for your interest in my cards, and compliments. It makes it worth the effort) I also tag a friend who I talked about waifus with before. @JacobRivas (You pretty cool too) Thank you to everyone who noticed these, whether I am the senpai or you are the senpai. Tell me what you all think if you want. It is appreciatied. ^_^ End~~~~
@P1B2Bear Yea, no problem. and as I said in my who am I like card, I embarrass myself easily. lol it's weird.
@BlackDragon88 it's a wonderfully sweet card so don't be embarrassed ! And thank you for thanking me XD ( hope that makes sense haha 😅)
Posting this is embarrassing.