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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 3 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N's POV "Wait a minute you were in the meeting texting me. Did you know it was me the whole time?" you said upset. Tao held up his hands, "No I swear I had no idea. How could I?" You settled down for a moment and looked to the window he was standing at. What made you start disliking Tao in the first place? He was good looking no doubt but when you had first started working at his father's company your relationship with Chanyeol was still going strong, you two were both in love. Tao asked you out probably on your third day if you remembered correctly and you had promptly turned him down, telling him you don't date people you work with and that you were happy with your boyfriend. He seemed to understand but when he started taking quick hits at you and Chanyeol, when he later found out you were dating him, you realized he may have still been a bit sore about you turning him down. You didn't think it was rude but maybe you came off too blunt to him and with his fame he probably wasn't used to being turned down by women. It was maybe a year later when he got a girlfriend of his own, Ok, and you thought maybe he'd ease up but he was a little more persistent with his harassment. It was probably because he hated Ok; you could tell from their fake smiles they had to be faking everything about their relationship. His constant picking on you had made you form a negative opinion of him and because of that you truly didn't want to be in the same room with him. "Look Y/N maybe we should give this a try, just hang out for a bit." he said. "What are you saying? You're my boss' son- oh my God I've been flirting with you." You covered your face in embarrassment. You heard him chuckle and grab your hand to pull it from your face. "Isn't it obvious that we like each other?" he said. You gave him an annoyed look. His slightly intense gaze softened, "Y/N you don't even realize the realest, truest and most honest version of me came out as Mr.Sandman. It was because everyone wasn't coming to me because I was the son of a fashion designer. I've had so much fun talking to you these past nine months I haven't felt like that in such a long time." "It doesn't change the facts Tao. I don't date coworkers especially when they're the son of my boss." He smiled at you and you turned your head. What was that smile all about? "So you think this is a date." he said. You blushed and looked away from him trying to gain your composure. He chuckled, "Y/N you can't pretend you didn't want to meet me too. You said yourself you were excited. Nothing's changed about the guy you've been talking to except now you know what I look like.... I have proposition." He backed you against the door and placed his hand on it right by your head. He refrained from touching you but he was super close. "Don't think of me as Zitao just call me by Mr.Sandman. I'll call you by Dreamgirl. Any time we meet like this that is who we are Dreamgirl and Sandman. Will that help you?" You looked up to see him staring at you intensely again. It wasn't a terrible idea but he was still Tao, you were still you, calling each other by your pen names didn't change much did it? "You've asked me to bring you a dream plenty of times give me permission to make this night sweet enough that you'll be dreaming sweetly for a week." "Tao." you whispered. "No, it's Mr.Sandman." he corrected. He was leaning in and he stopped when his lips were so close that if you even slight moved forward it would turn into a kiss. He looked at you, his warm breath hitting your lips and your breath hitting his. His eyes searching deep into your soul to the point your heart raced. "I won't do anything you don't want me to. Just imagine what it would be like for us to kiss, my lips on yours, everything and everyone disappearing from our mind, from our world. Mr.Sandman brings dreams, let me give you one." You placed your hands on his chest and you wanted so badly to kiss him but you couldn't. You gently pushed him away from you. You sighed, the tension of that moment was unreal and you'd be lying if the tease of a kiss didn't turn you on. You regained your composure quickly and looked up at him, "Alright Mr.Sandman," You held out your hand for a hand shake and when he grabbed it you said, "I'm Dreamgirl." He chuckled and said, "It's nice to meet you Dreamgirl. Come let's sit down a waiter should be with us soon." He lightly pulled you by the hand and walked you over to the table. He pulled out your chair for you. When you sat down, he pushed you in and then circled the table to sit down himself. The window's blinds were open and you could see the full moon's light beaming through the window. The ocean outside hit the shore rough and loud but the waves were soothing and added to the romantic atmosphere. The room you just noticed was lit by small candles; their light didn't expand much but it provided what was needed for you to see. The atmosphere sent butterflies through your stomach, the pure romantic nature of all of this reminded you of when Chanyeol surprised you with a candle lit dinner in the park. You bit your lip not wanting to remember that in Tao's presence, or rather Mr.Sandman. You two looked at the menu in silence and when the waitress came in you both ordered your drinks. When she left Tao spoke up, "What do you think of the place?" "It's very romantic.." you said too politely. "Yeah, I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable." You gave him a small smile and shook your head no. Tao took in a breath, neither one of you could remember how to go on a date. You could tell by his awkward nature that he was trying to figure out what to say next. Being with such terrible people for so long, made it hard for you two to figure out what to do next. You took in a breath and tried to remember the last conversation you had with him that didn't involve your relationships. "My friend told me China is beautiful right now, he wants to go back to visit his family." you said. It seemed to break the ice and he smiled. "Yeah it's really beautiful around this time, you should visit the temples there, the designs are amazing." "Yeah I bet, I was there once on business and I bought this really pretty China pot it was inspired by one of the temples there. Unfortunately, I got too busy so I didn't get to actually see the temple." "Did the China pot come back okay, sometimes airport security is careless." "Well Mr Hua- Uh. My boss had me go with him on his private plane. So it was pretty safe." you answered. He looked surprised that his father had you ride in his private plane but then again you were his assistant and it was on business not pleasure. You two continued talking into the night, you ordered your food and exchanged laughs. You two were able get to get comfortable with each other quickly. Forgetting that both of you worked together, that both of you had troublesome relationships. Tao was the last person you expected to have a good time with. You were happy he convinced you too stay. Your day had ended far better than it started. It reached eleven thirty and you were getting sleepy. You two stood up and he said, "You should go out first. I'd walk you out myself but-" "I know." You did know, neither one of you wanted to run the risk of getting caught together. He walked with you to the door and wrapped his hand around the side of your neck. He looked like he wanted to kiss your lips but because you didn't give him per.mission he pressed his lips to your forehead. Just the gentlest kiss ever somehow brought you back to what it felt like to fall in love. Chanyeol and Tao were both tall and when they had to bend down to kiss you it made you smile. You looked up at Tao just remembering that Chanyeol used to do the same thing. Chanyeol used to be that gentle, now it was like he forgot what gentle even meant. You sighed and said, "Thanks for dinner Mr.Sandman." "It was nice meeting you Dreamgirl." he smiled. You both chuckled, "When can I see you again?" he asked. You looked at him and shrugged, "I'll let you know." He nodded and you walked out of the room and to your car careful of anyone that might be watching. You drove back to the house, Chanyeol still hadn't come back home. You never realized it but he probably stayed out almost all night or stayed at her place and just showed up early the next morning. You didn't care, you just disrobed and jumped in the shower. You washed up and climbed into bed. You were dreaming sweetly but it wasn't about Tao, it was about Chanyeol. The memory of your first date coming back to you in your sleep. Chanyeol had taken you to the market area and you two walked around, you shared a drink and he bought you a few charms you said you liked. Those charms still hung from your keys even now. He took goofy pictures with you, and held your hand, the entire date was filled with laughs. Chanyeol and you shared an ice cream and when some fell by the corner of your mouth he quickly stopped you from wiping it away. Instead, he dipped his head down and licked the ice cream off. The look he gave you when he stood back up made you feel embarrassed. He laughed awkwardly and put his hand to his neck. He grabbed your hand and walked you down the boardwalk and out of the line of sight from anyone else. It was right under a large tree where he first kissed you. When he got you back to his place, he laid you down and made love to you for hours. Chanyeol wasn't your first kiss but he was the one to take your first time. You thought your love would never die but it was. That bright light that once defined your relationship was dimming. You still loved him but you wouldn't let him go, maybe there was still some hope that he would go back to who he was. That his fame wouldn't completely convert him into the asshole he was being. He thanked you for the birthday party and he seemed to enjoy himself aside from getting upset at you for a moment. He still expected you to show so much love and attention to him despite his cruel ways to you. His logic was distorted but yours was even worse. You only continued to create reasons to stay. Sehun wanted you to leave. You could hear his worry in his voice as he begged you to leave him. Honestly walking away from him scared you, five years spent with one man, just walking out was terrifying. You had to keep some distance between you and Sehun too, otherwise you would end up ruining his and Chanyeol's friendship. A sudden sensation sparked a moan from your lips through your dream. You could hear someone moan in your ear, "Jagi." The sensations became stronger as you felt something wet hit your neck. Your moans came again and you were finally able to come to. Opening your eyes slowly, you saw a hand reached down in your underwear. You turned your head to see Chanyeol slightly drunk. Seriously, didn't he just come from screwing some other woman and he woke you from your sleep to do you. "Y/N I need you." he whined. "Chanyeol stop." your voice was still a little groggy from being woken from such a sound sleep. You grabbed the hand that was shoved in your underwear but the sensations surging through you made you too weak to pull him away. "Let me touch you, you like it I can hear it in your voice." he whispered in your ear. "Chanyeol I have work tomorrow." you said trying not to moan. He didn't care. He still moved on top of you and kissed you then let his lips travel down your body to between your legs. His tongue teasing you through the fabric of your panties. You went to push his head up and away but you felt his hand grab yours before it could reach. He gently locked his fingers with yours while his other hand pushed your underwear to the side. The fact that he was holding your hand again made you give in. You couldn't remember the last time your fingers locked your hands together. As he continued what he was doing, your mind showed you images of you two holding hands on your first date. Your eyes releasing tears before you could tell yourself to stop. He had his way with you, he was more gentle than yesterday though. It caught you off guard, it wasn't until he finished that you found out why. He rolled off of you panting and his hand met the bruises to your neck. "I'm sorry." he said before he fell asleep. You turned to him looking at his sleeping face. He was far more gentle when he was asleep. You watched this sleeping face before but right now you were asking yourself: who was this man sleeping next to you? Chanyeol's POV He was so in love with Y/N when they started going out. She was so soft and caring and she made him laugh. She knew how to make him feel better when he was upset. She had come straight out of college and he was in the training program for Sm entertainment along with Sehun and Yixing. She was hanging out with Junmyeon, Minseok and Jongdae. Sehun was closer to her age, he knew her from highschool. He was able to get a chance to meet up with her even during training and Sehun brought him and Yixing along to meet her and her friends. Everyone hit it off, especially him and her. She had this big bright smile and funny little habit of laughing at almost anything. She said and did some weird things when she got overly excited. She was very open about touching the guys. Sehun said when she gets nervous or overly excited she touches the features on each of them that she likes the most to calm herself or keep herself contained. She grabbed Sehun's butt and Yixing let her poke his dimples when he smiled. She seemed to smile harder when Yixing laughed too, Jongdae allowed her to grab his cheeks when he smiled and Junmyeon let her hang onto his arms. It took a while for her to get comfortable enough with him where she touched him. Sehun said she liked his ears but the only reason she didn't touch him is because they weren't used to each other and she didn't think he was comfortable with her yet. He started coming up with reasons to get closer to her until she finally grabbed his ears. He remembered her pressing her forehead to his and just laughing as she rubbed his ears. He couldn't remember what made her so excited but that was her way of filtering her excitement. He lived for that smile; she had followed him through his struggles as an artist and been his inspiration for many things. Then she started working as the assistant to the CEO to a fashion company. She wanted to be more than an assistant and strived to get better but an assistant was all she could do for the moment until she could get to know enough people that could help her break through the industry. They both started getting busier and busier through the years and just last year he'd realized how far they had fallen. She never really had time for him anymore, before she tried to go out with him and surprise him but all of it stopped. It never occurred to him that she was just tired of trying to make things work. He was just grateful she never left him. He still loved her but he was stressed from work, it was hard for him to keep being the soft cuddly Chanyeol he always was. When he needed her, she would say she was too busy. She'd work late all the time, it felt like he was living with a ghost at one point. He'd hear her stumbling in the house at late hours of the night. Too tired to do much, let alone let him touch her. He was extremely nervous when he heard he was going to perform with Jay Park. He was an amazing artist and he was super excited but stressed at the same time. She wasn't really helping him get any relief so he ended up finding it in the touch of one of his backup dancers. She let him do anything he wanted to her anytime he wanted. The secretary at the desk that day said that Y/N had stopped by to have lunch with him but she came back to the desk a few minutes later claiming she got a call from work and wouldn't be able to come so she left the lunch she bought for him with her. He was relieved she didn't see him screwing his back up dancer. What was supposed to be a one time thing ended up being a bit more frequent. Y/N created more distance between them and hardly wanted to be touched by him anymore. She was always on her phone when they were in each others presence or she wouldn't give him a lot off attention. She was slowly irritating him; she was always talking to someone and he wanted to know who but she always said it was a coworker. She never let him see her phone though, she was short with him almost all the time. She did what he asked but she always had an attitude to follow. She just wasn't the same happy girl he loved. She shared her smiles with the guys but he'd barely seen her smile at him the way she did when they first met, she didn't look at him shyly like when they first kissed. She refused his touch when he wanted her and if she gave into him he could tell she didn't really enjoy it anymore. He at first believed it had something to do with what her brothers and her parents were telling her. They stopped talking a while back though and things didn't get any better, only worse. They argued more and so he went to his backup dancer's place for a quick fuck. He always lied and told her he was at the studio and she'd just give him a short indifferent response. Was the problem that she didn't love him anymore? He still loved her despite his cheating and her distant behavior; he still wanted her to belong to him. He barely wore the promise ring they had but he was happy that she never took hers off. That gave him some hope that he still had her but that didn't stop him from cheating. He was surprised she had rented out a private room for his birthday and invited the guys. She was avoiding him so much he didn't even think she remembered his birthday. He didn't think she'd do anything for him because he'd done nothing for hers. That wasn't on purpose though, he had to actually work and he couldn't spend it with her. He called off his plans with his side chick to attend the party. He thought that meant she was going to be nicer to him, show him some attention and act the way she used to but instead she went to her phone. She had an attitude towards him, he could see irritation in her eyes when she smiled back at him. Yet she gave the others such genuine laughs and smiles. He was able to sleep with her yesterday but she just didn't want him touching her. The girl he was seeing, Gi, called him the next morning so he walked out of the bedroom answering her phone call. He was trying to speak quietly enough so that he didn't wake Y/N up. Gi was complaining that he canceled on her last night suddenly and she was upset with him. He tried to get her to relax and promised he'd come see her later that night. She seemed to be happier after that, he'd just tell Y/N that he was working late again. He walked into to see her texting again and that pissed him off. She was texting at his birthday party and now she was texting the next morning, who could she be talking too so early in the morning that had her attention more than him. "Who are you texting this early?" he asked letting it show he was annoyed. Again she answered with it being her coworker, apparently she was raving about a date with someone she liked. He wondered if she ever did that when they first started out. She was focused on getting dressed for work and he noticed how dressy she was getting; she always did but his heightened sense of jealousy had just now made him question it. He tried to seduce her and get her out of her clothes but again she didn't want him on her. She wasn't wrong, they did have to go to work but she never pushed him away this much. He had been picking a fight with her all morning asking her if she was cheating on him. He had no business asking or being jealous when he was cheating on her but he couldn't stand the idea of someone else touching her when she belonged to him. Five years together, he was her first no one else should have the pleasure of touching and kissing her the way he did. She denied it again and again that she was cheating but he wasn't stupid, there was something she was hiding from him. They were falling apart; she was walking away from him and when she asked if he was working late instead of answering his question he seemed to lose his senses. Grabbing at her neck and pushing her against the wall, "You're not answering my question are you or are you not cheating on me?" he practically growled. "Chanyeol let go of me." she said upset. He was too upset to let go. She had confirmed that she wasn't seeing Sehun but she didn't say she wasn't cheating and that pissed him off further. She was driving him mad and his grip was unconsciously tightening around her neck the more upset he got. She kept struggling, telling him to let go and she finally said that she wasn't cheating on him but he still didn't believe her. He issued his threat but she was more interested in getting away from him to show any sign of fear. He kissed her trying to remind her of what they were or what they had but she just kept pushing away. "You keep doing it." he said upset. "You need to go to work and so do I." She finally pushed him off of her making him stumble and she practically ran out the front door. He only just then registered that she told him he was hurting her. He sat down defeated, in disbelief of what he'd done to her. It took a call from his manager before he even managed to get out of the house. Gi met him at the door of his practice room but he wasn't in the mood to talk he just shut her up with a kiss. He was far more rough with her than he was with Y/N. He just stripped her of her clothing and went work all the while moaning Y/N's name into her neck to drive him to his release. She either didn't notice or didn't care. When she asked if he was still going to her place later he told no. She was upset at him but he just dismissed her so she stormed off. He sent Y/N a text that he was going to work late and he spent nearly the entire night in the studio recording. He picked up some beer before he got home. He saw her car in the driveway, she didn't take it out often, most of the time she was catching rides with Sehun. She liked riding in the passenger seat rather than driving. He just sat in the car drinking, staring at her car. He finally went inside calling for her but she didn't respond to him. He headed to their bedroom seeing her in bed asleep. She looked peaceful but he was horny, he laid behind her placing his hands between her legs and calling her name in a slightly drunken way. She was moaning in her sleep which made him work more till she finally woke up. "Y/N I need you." he whispered in a whiny way. "Chanyeol stop."she said She was sleepy but he wasn't going to stop. He kept going trying to encourage her into letting him have her. It must've been because she was tired because even as she tried to refuse she wasn't as resistant as she was this morning. He held her hand remembering the connection they once had, he saw her sweet tears roll down her face, it brought back the time he first had her. He kissed her hand whispering her name in the night she was out of fight. It might be different the next morning but for now she'd given in sweetly. He kissed her tears away, when he finished he rolled off of her tired. He saw the bruises on her neck that he made in his anger and gently touched them. He knew she bruised easily but he couldn't help but regret his actions from his rage. He could only mutter out, "I'm sorry."
I'm like so confuse. I don't know who she should end up with. At first, it was Tao, now its Chanyeol. Maybe even Sehun just to mix it up. I just don't know 😣
sorry i would never go back to anyone that is cheating. accident my left butt cheek.
i say Chen lmao
damn u Chanyol but that cheater. ugh. he is like #1 on my and sisters bias wrecker list. still mad at him. its his fault. ggaaahhh
This is cute then depressing.... It screws with my feelings & I love it!
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