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@MoisEsGaray yes I'll glad I dedicated my life to watch this series lol when people trek me they think about starting one piece I tell them it's a life changer I've been watching it since it first came out in 1999
@JosiahQuick Awesome!!! sadly i didnt grow up with one piece but with DBZ i just saw and heard things about one piece. but i started watching in 2014 and just recently now caught up with the anime! ^_^ but man with the firsr episode i was hooked already and I questioned my self lol "WHY THE HECK DIDNT I WATCH THIS WHEN I WAS SMALL!?!?!?" lol XD I love pirets i love everything about them so when i saw one piece is about that i was like wow lol i was disappointed in mysefl for not watching one piece sooner lol and Yes my friend it is a LIFE CHANGER hahaha im in love with.... hahah I'm a huge one pice fan now hahah Im reading the manga too now lol
@MoisEsGaray that's what's up bro glad you like it and Dragon ball z was great to I watched that when I was younger I actually re watched that while series about 5 or 6 times out still gives me chills when gohan goes super sayain 2 against cell
i can wait, because I feel this will be a sign that the series is finishing up. thats something that I don't want to experience. most animes i look forward to seeing the series finish. not with this one, because their journey has become mine.