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A few months go by since the adoption and everything is going great Mark and Jackson are so deeply in love with their son they even thought about adopting another son or daughter but then things take a turn for the worst. "Hey dad can I go hang out with my friends?" Hyeon ask Mark "Yes you can go hang out with your friends but please be back before your dad gets home. And oh dinner be ready at 8:00 o'clock." Mark replied Hyeon leaves "God I'm so glad he's making friends and getting along with other kids. Well I better get this house picked up then get stuff for dinner tonight" Mark thought to himslfe A few goes by and mark gets a phone call phone jackson "Hey babe how's everything going? What are you and hyeon doing?" Jackson ask "Things are great babe and hyeon is at his friends house hanging out for a bit. I just got done cleaning our house now I'm getting ready to get some stuff the grocery store for dinner tonight." Mark replied "Oh that's awesome so glad he's making friends so quickly. I've been working on some new stuff and hopefully we will have a new come back song....uh hey I gotta go the guys need me to back now see you a little while" Jackson said "Okay I love you" Marks says "Love you too" Says Jackson *Click* "It's 8:00 jackson should be home soon but where the hell is hyeon he should be here by now" mark thought to himslfe feeling a little Worried Jackson walks in "Hey honey I'm home" Jackson says being silly "Jackson! I'm so worried about hyeon he's not home yet and I told him to be home in time for dinner." Mark says in a Panic voice "Clam down mark he's a kid you know how kids are they loose track of time sometimes just relax I'm sure he'll be home soon." Jackson says trying to reassure mark It's now 12:00am and their is still no sign of hyeon mark and jackson begin to worry. "Please call the police jackson please im very worried about our son." Mark begged jackson "Okay I will" Jackson says Jackson calls 911 Ring ring ring Hello 911 whats your emergency? "Yes my son has gone missing he left the house around noon and hasn't made back home since then." Jackson explains to the operator !Okay and what was your son wearing? Do you where he was last seen at?" The operator ask "Uh he was last seen at his friends house he was wearing a got7 shirt and blue jeans. He has light green eyes and is 5ft8 he's 16 years old goes by the name of Hyeon Wang" Jackson explains every detail about his son. "Okay give us a few and he will send out a police car to your house" the operator says to Jackson *Click* They hang up but not ever a few moments later jackson received a phone call from a strange number the same strange numbers that called him before. "Pick it up" mark says Hello? Who is this? why do you keep calling me? Jackson Says "You'll never seen your son again" Says The strange man on And before jackson could even get a word out the caller hangs up. Leaving Jackson in a state of internal fear. "What happened what he says tell me now damn it" Mark says in tears "They said well never see our son" again Jackson replied
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Suspense..lets see what will happen