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Hi guys! Daly here =^-^= So recently I have been talking to @Aripendragon and we want to recruit KPop lovers to cover a dance. We want to practice and be able to upload it before Kcon πŸ’• You don't have to be a professional! We are open to anyone who is willing to learn!
Now here's the deal, we won't be able to pay you and transportation is on your own. What we can do: I will gladly travel with you if you are from Orange County. I don't drive but we can call an uber and split it or split gas if that is better 😊
We are still trying to figure out what will be going down but let me know if you are interested and we will get a group together! Message me with the times you are available and what days πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
@Aripendragon sure! That doesn't bug me!
So, @DalyRomero even though Kcon is over and everything, I still think we should make a group and practice dancing BTS or EXO or whatever you know? Cause like maybe just maybe we can dance at the convention next year?
I've literally practiced that song almost everyday. I can say I know it by heart, but the trick now is to do it synchronized with other people. Thanks! I definitely will. And have fun for me at K-con! Say hi to the ladies from girls generation for me. Also BTS!
Ahh I would've been so down to do this! But I'm not in California at the moment. 😭
@Indieturd Aww man! Maybe next time!
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