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It's this new game that's come out and I literally only got it today but I'm already addicted! It's only recently as well that I found myself addicted to Exo as well as other KPOP groups I follow due to monster and lucky one. It's like a ~whole new world~ going from knowing about them to becoming an Exo-l
These are the cute little characters
I've only got past level one as such which is Kai in London but it's a great game so far!!! Personally, I chose Baekhyun as my first character bc he's my Exo bias but I'm working to get Chanyeol next!!! I'd highly recommend this game!!!
I love this game too! got it yesterday it's soo addicting
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Me too
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OMG IM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME SO BAD! I'm like level 3 so Far and I can't stop playing it!
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This game is so good but yet frustrating. The swings get to me man. Im on level on 3
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