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Did I go too far? Sorry if I may have offended some of you ARMYS. Like I was just trying to point out how ARMYS had to mention Jimin was "fat" when he really wasn't. A girl called me a fattie so I had to say why it still wasn't exactly right to call me that off the bat. Like what is fattie supposed to make me feel? Plus she called me fattie for no reason just like how people called Jimin fattie for no reason... I just reacted to fast sorry ARMY
No don't worry I think she was wrong to say such a sexual thing in the first place😒 And some army's are ridiculous not all tho. And idk why that other black girl said for you not to compare when I get it because some army's called jimin far when he lost his abs but he's still perfect and he's thigh goals!!❤️❤️❤️
@Kaileexlee exactly I don't think anyone should come after you their just being ignorant don't worry☺️ And she had no right to say your fat even if you are I mean that's just fat shamming then😩
@NydiaEdwards Right!? Like I love Jimin but the other girl told me I was comparing it as Jimin is "fat" but I'm saying the girl had no right to call me a fattie because there was really no reason like how people had no reason to call Jimin a fattie. I still love him, he's still perfect the way he is 💕❤