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So. I realized I titled two of my cards "Gonichi." And that I accidentally titled my fourth card "Shichinichi" when it should have been "Shinichi." And nobody corrected me. The pain... :'( Anyway, my life companion... if you mean friends, way too many to pick just one. I'll use romance because I can narrow that down to two. XD

First pick: Jean Kirstein

Okay, I have a confession to make- my hasubando is actually Levi. However, objectively speaking, I'd probably wind up with Jean. First off, Jean is apparently really awkward and adorkable if he likes you, which just really gets me. ♡ Second, he's not afraid to call you on your shit, but at the same time, if you need emotional support, he's there (this is the same reason I like Levi, incidentally... Levi is just way more blunt and has no social skills). Also, he's SUPER loyal to those he loves- friends, teammates, his crush, NO ONE gets left behind. Not even Eren. The reason I picked him over Levi here is because Levi can be a tad violent... good to have when you need somebody to have your back in a fight, but not so good when the anger is directed towards YOU. (Not to say that Levi makes it a habit of beating the crap out of his friends, but he doesn't exactly pull any (literal) punches either.)

Miki Hatori

Come on... who wouldn't? As I pointed out with Jean, I need my partner to have my back, and Miki more than would (have you seen how dedicated she is to Ayumu?) Plus, she's really kind and encouraging, and would never let anything happen to her loved ones if she can help it. And it helps that she's a total badass punk/Yankee chick. What's not to love? ;)
Ah, the final day, the final card... this makes me sad. :( But I'm glad I got the chance to perticipate... getting to know everyone was fun. Plus, now that I've already made all these cards, I feel confident about making more now. ^_^ Until next time, ja ne! @hikaymm
It's a manga, actually... it's called LIFE. :)
Nice card. I also feel the same, now that it ended. I think I could make other cards still.
ok Thankz @AnbuRose
what anime is the second pic.?
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