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■□■ To Sungjae or Not To Sungjae ■□■
I understand fam....and I received your call... "But I didn't call--"
shh's okay I understand...I've researched deeply and found the cure ~~
and I hope this doesn't blow you mind too much but ..

it's Sungjae....

He's all you need fam

There's no such thing as an overdose...

The more the better

feeling better yet?? No...

whats that? you need more Sungjae....

Idk fam .....(^__^) jk ....MORE FEELZ ALL AROUND !!!

....yup that's good stuff ... better ?? "Better❤...but there's just one problem"
"MEH FEELZ"'s too late now you've seen the Sungjae ....welcome to bias land❤❤
tbh fam.....I wanted to make a Sungjae post because he's flawless ,and his flawlessness need be shared ❤❤ #ImCertifiedTrash~~~
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BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My evil plan has worked!
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awe @KwonOfAKind you poor thing... @Helixx got the maknae hooked on you too huh
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