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"So what do you want to do?" I asked "Can we watch a movie?" "Sure what kind?" "Horror!" "What??? No." "Awe come on there the best! Plus I'm here I'll protect you like at the haunted house." I could trust him in that and so I caved. I put in one of Megan's collection and sat on the couch making sure there was distance between us. After a bit I stood up. And he grabbed the remote to pause it. "You ok?" "Yea I'm fine....bathroom." I said and walked away. In reality I was freaking out. I was not liking this movie. Why do they all have to be the same way? Some ghost is out to kill. I went into the bathroom and put some water on my face. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight. After a little bit I went back. This time I sat a bit closer to Jungkook. He hit play and the horror continued. I guess Jungkook knew I was just trying to be brave and he scooted closer to me and put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards him. "You can lean on me you don't have to be so brave." With that I hid my face in his shirt. I couldn't do it anymore. I was not going to sleep tonight. I think I stayed like that for at least ten minutes. I had calmed down enough and realized how amazing he smelt. God it was intoxicating. Finally I pulled away and looked at him he was still looking at the TV. He was really into it. Why did he have to look so perfect? He had a slight smile appear on his face then he said. "You like what you see?" I blushed hard core and looked away. I didn't say anything. "Aw Sarah did I make you embarrassed?" I still didn't answer. Instead I just looked to the right of the TV. He then pulled me into a hug so i was back up against him. "I'm sorry." He said laughing. I just sat there happy since he was holding me in his arms. Finally the movie ended. "You know I'm probably not going to be able to sleep tonight." I stated we were now in the kitchen drinking some water. "Why's that?" "That was too much for me." "Oh I'm sorry." He said getting up. I thought he was going to come to me but instead he went and turned the light off and did an evil laugh. "Jungkook!!!" I heard his evil laugh outside the kitchen. "Jerk!" I walked over to the wall and flicked the light on. Man he sucks. I went to look for him. It was quiet. I was not going to play this game. I was about to walk back into the kitchen when something moved. "Jungkook I know your there!" There was nothing. I went into the kitchen trying to ignore the fear I had. Something touched me and I screamed. It was just a bag that fell over. I laughed at myself. I then sat down and waited. He never came back in. I finally decided to just go sit in the living room. I was about to sit down when I was pulled backwards. I screamed but I knew it was Jungkook. "Got ya!" He laughed. "Not funny!" "Just a little funny" "No not at all" I pouted. He stepped in front of me. "I'm sorry." With that he kissed my cheek. *ding* I grabbed my phone it was Megan. Megan: hey I'm going to be home late don't wait up. Well she was having a good night then. I was getting tired but didn't want to stay by myself. "Jungkookie.....will you stay the night tonight?" "What? Why?" "Well Megan won't be back till later and I don't want to be alone." "Hmmm....I can stay till you fall asleep how about that?" He asked "Ok that would be great." With that we went to my room. We laid in my bed. We were just facing each other not touching. For the longest time I was just staring at him. I couldn't sleep. I wanted to but once I close my eyes he'll leave. I held off sleep as long as I could. It wasn't that hard because of how scared I was. "You need to sleep Sarah." He said rubbing my head. "But I'm too scared." "Will it help if I hold you?" "I don't know maybe." And with that he pulled me so my head was on his chest and his arms were around me holding me. I laid there just listening to his heart beating. I don't know when but I had fallen asleep on him. I just remember feeling completely at peace. The next thing I knew it was morning. Jungkook was still there. I was still on him and his arms were still on me. I smiled. I'm so thankfully for having a friend like him. Although I can't keep fighting this feeling. I don't know exactly what it is but every time I see him smile or when he's around me I become happy.
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0.0 didn't realize they were just friends thought they were dating already. Dang twist ending lol
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@SarahVanDorn Awesome story, as always!! Please tag me!!
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