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We made it to the chicken restaurant, and he was staring at the menu like a hungry dog. "How about I make it my treat today?" He broke out of his chicken trance to look over at me. "You serious?" I nodded my head, whilst looking for what I wanted.
Simon put the hood of my sweater on my head, getting my full attention. He smiled warmly, as he tuck strains of my hair back in the hood. "Alright, but no getting mad because I want so much."
We made eye contact, and I felt my heart flutter a bit. He patted my head, before going back to looking like a hungry dog staring at the menu. I noticed I was actually getting more comfortable with him than excepted.
Though I was getting worried, I might of been getting attached. I watched him the whole time he order, and broke out of the trance he created, when I was asked what I wanted. "Can't we just do the BBQ version over there for the chicken, or are you in a rush to go back?"
He blinked his eyes a few times whilst he thought about it. "Yeah, we can stay and eat." The employee nodded and open our tab, as we got a private grilling booth. "Good choice, I should take a break. I'm having a bit of a block anyways."
I reach over and patted his head, since we sat across from eat other. Simon playfully growled and pretended to try and bite my hand. I giggled softly, and retracted my hand, and sat down properly.
We goof off while we ate, and even got soju involved, since it was technically my day off. It was fun, and the food was amazing. He had even moved closer to me, so that he could hide better from the public view.
Plus make it less possible for him to get burn when he pour my shot, and vis versa. "We should bring the others here next time. Just gotta make sure its your day off." Simon was already planning our next trip here, as I just did my best, to get sober.
"Want another shot?" He held up the bottle of soju, when I lean back into the seat, and rest my eyes. "Lala-ah, don't tell me your a light weight? We've only finish off two bottles."
I turn to look at him, and felt like I was melting when he smiled at me. "Alright, we'll cool it on the soju. That way you can sober up." He patted my head, as we went back to eating again. Once my stomach gave the signal that I was full, I stop.
I sober up some, but the world still felt like it was spinning. I tapped my face a bit to make myself get sober a bit fast, though that never works. "Don't worry Lala-ah, its my turn to look after you."
I looked over at Simon, and he fix my hair under the hood, before pulling me into a one arm embrace. He made me rest my head on his shoulder, but I moved so I was laying down in a way, and my head rested on his legs.
I felt a hand patting my arm, whilst I try to nap this feeling off. Only problem I had though, was I was feeling like I was flying while my raced every time he smiled at me, touch me, and spoke.
I was more intoxicating than the soju itself. I am starting to think I have been spending too much of my private time with him. Whether its willingly or him begging me, I spent more time with him than Hyuk Woo.
It was was starting to effect me. I could hear a faint humming, but as I felt a bit more better, I could hear Simon softly singing. He was lightly putting my head with one hand, whilst he kept eating. It was extremely soothing, and I felt my body relaxing more.
"Hyung, what's going on here." I heard a familiar voice and sat up, to see it was the rapper ONE, from YG Entertainments. "Whoa hyung, isn't that your manager? I didn't know you two were dating."
Simon and I looked at each other. I was stun that the statement, but my heart started to race. I just sat up completely and lean again the wall, so stable myself. ONE had a cheesy smile on his face.
As Simon shook his head, and sighed. "No I'm not dating my manager. She a light weight, so I was helping her sober up, while I ate the chicken." ONE pouted as if he was hoping he was right.
Even I was feeling a bit disappointed, but he was my charge, dating him was out of the question completely. I just kept praying though for Hyuk Woo to have work over seas. I needed a break from being Simon's manager.
I rather be attached to someone that I know won't hurt me, like Simon would. "What wrong with you hyung, Lala noona is beautiful. Inside and out." I smiled at ONE, before taking a piece of chicken.
"She my manager, that goes away her work ethics, plus she like a little sister to me." He stuffed his mouth after answering ONE's question. ONE grinned as he turn to look at me. "Okay, then noona, want me to set you up on a date with one of my hyung's at aomg. I think you and Daesung hyung will get along perfectly."
I just blinked and looked around, not sure how to say 'NO' nicely, at the moment. "ONE-ie leave her be, she still sobering up." Simon flicked ONE's forehead, as he ate his chicken. This actually was bugging me more than I expected.
I honestly wanted to blame it on the alcohol, but it only enhanced my true feelings more. Which is why I usually don't drink, since I hate not having control over my emotions. They were out of control through, right now and it was making me sick.
"ONE-ie come help us finish all this chicken." I invited him to join us and without hesitation, he join our booth. I just sat their, and watched them devour all that chicken together. Mostly ended up watching Simon, and getting lost in my own mental space, as I rest my head on my arms, that were folded on the table.
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