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JB & Ok Taecyeon, Ft. Choi Minho.
Sky (You)
Love is a strange thing, very interesting how you love one person one minute and then next someone else. You love a person with money, looks, or soul. Your heart loves him or her, but it’s not returned. You watch as the one you love smiles at someone else, not you. Touches someone else, not you. Kisses someone else, not you… Loves someone else …but not you…
You wish them your best. Hoping they are happy. You let them go and hope they return to you because it was meant to be… Love triangles are the worst.
You love him, she loves him, he loves her, and he loves who? confused? I am… Love is confusing and difficult. I saw you first, yet you are with her. He loved you, yet you take mine… Selfish is what we are… Love is beautiful… Love is ugly. I hate love… I love him, yet he does not love me.

…My love is unrequited just like yours…

"Crap, crap, crap!" My alarm never went off. " I'm so gonna be late! SH*T!" I run out of my shower and into my closest. I grab a pair of black skinny jeans and hop into them while at the same time trying to put on my black sweater.
"CRAAAP!" I quickly brushed my hair, grabbed my glasses and backpack. As I ran towards my front door I stubbed my toe.
"HOLY MOTHER BUTTS!!!" I hopped on one foot and tried not to cry. I slipped my shoes on, not worrying about having them on right or if they were tied.
"HEEEY LITTLE SIS!! I'M BAAACK!!" My older sister, Hana, walked in. Step sister to be exact.
"Hey! Sorry, can't welcome you properly. Gotta go, I'm late! Bye!" I rushed as I brushed past her and ran down flights of stairs and out into the cold November morning air that froze me the instant it made contact with my skin. I had forgotten my jacket. (UGH! SHIZNETZ IT’S FREAK COLD AS BALLZ!!)
I ran to work hoping, praying to make it before my boss finds out. I thought today was going to be a good one, but so far it's not going well. My alarm never went off, my step sister came back from France, and I'm late for work. One good thing though, is that someone, I care for deeply and miss, is also coming back home today, from America. Someone I have know since I was five years old and first moved here.
I work at a restaurant as a waitress. My boss is a good person, tough and friendly…to me. If it wasn’t for him, I would be struggling a lot. I snuck in through the back entrance employees use to come and go from work. I rushed to my locker and threw my bag inside, changing into my work shirt. All the workers wore black jeans, pants, and a black button up dress shirt with a red long apron and tie or bow. I shed my sweater off when a co-work rushed to my side.
“SKYLAR! Your late!” She whispered as she helped me tie my apron on my waist and I buttoned up my shirt.
“I know, I know. I'm sorry. My alarm didn’t go off and my sister came home.” I whispered back, looking around to make sure my boss wasn’t around, while putting my hair up in a ponytail.
“Hana’s back?” My friend asked as she move on to tying my bow. Females wore bow ties and males, regular ties. I hated it. I felt like I was being choked, suffocated. “I thought she wasn’t going to back for another month or so?”
“I thought so too, but nope, she’s home.” I said trying to take off the bow. She whacked my hand away. I huffed. “Does he know I'm late?”
“No, I don’t think so. He’s been mostly on the phone and in his office.” She answered. “I think you’re safe. Let’s go, come on, come on, go.” She ushered me out of the changing room and out onto the floor. I looked around and didn’t see the boss. I didn’t relax yet, not until we were officially open.
“I did your part of the work so you don’t need to worry.” My friend said as we all lined up in front of the bar waiting for the boss to come out and inspect everything before opening.
“Thank you. Nami, you’re the best.” I whispered. She smiled and lightly shoved me.
“What are friends for.” I returned the smile which fell the instant I heard the office door open.
Everyone went quiet and serious. We open at 11 in the morning and employees had to be at work by 9 to get the work load down. The work was split between the employees evenly. Today it was just two waitresses, a bartender, and two chefs. My job was to stay close to the bar and help the bartender when he need it and waitress as well. I made money so I had nothing to complain about. I stood up straighter when our boss came out the office and started inspecting us. He had to make sure nothing was out of place and if we did something wrong he would tell us before we opened. I was close to the end, away from where he started.
“SooYoung, your name tag is crooked and so is your bow.” He said as he moved down the line.
SooYoung was always… how do I put it…clumsy? No, slow? Nope that’s not it either…let’s just say she’s awkward. She was always called on for her mistakes. As he got closer and closer to me, my nerves increased. He was already in front of Nami, who was next to me. He passed her up and stopped in front of me. He looked me in the eye for a whole minute before inspecting me from head to toe. He said nothing and moved on.
It was time to open and he turned the signs on. I let out air I hadn’t realize I was holding in. I relaxed and stood in my place next to the bar, waiting for costumers to come in. a few people came in, but it wasn't busy enough for me to step in and help anyone. I mostly bussed today, cleaning and picking up after the customers. Today really wasn't a good day, it was a slow day, which meant I would make much in tips today. I sighed.
"Why were you late?" I jumped in place, covering my mouth to keep from squealing. My boss had snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear. I slowly turned around once I calmed down.
"I'm so sorry sir!" I bowed.(How did he find out? Oh gosh I'm in trouble now…) I cried internally.
"Why were you late?" He repeated, staring me down.
"I-I had to pick my sister up at the airport and then she needed my car to go shopping in Gangnam. You know how she is, Sir." If I really did pick Hana up at the airport she would have taken my car, that I don't drive. " and I didn't have enough money to get a taxi to drive me here and back so I had to run. I'm sorry sir."
"I thought your sister wasn't suppose to back until another month?" He asked. I sighed.
"I thought so too sir, but for some reason she came back early." I told him. He accepted my answer and let the 'me being late' go. He crossed his arms and leaned against the bar. I saw a couple of school girls that had came in for lunch, they ogled my boss. He was handsome and successful. I sometimes wondered if he knew he attracted girls attention. (He has too…right?) He turned and looked, catching me staring at him. He brought his face closer to mine, I blinked.
"Isn't that childhood friend of yours suppose to be coming back from America today too?" He asked, catching me off guard.
"Uh, yeah…how did you know?" I asked, curious. I didn't remember ever telling him when he was coming back. My boss knew about my friends for he was also my friend and was kind enough to let me work for him.
"I saw it on the internet." (Aaah, thats right…almost forgot how famous he was.) "Plus, he also texted me." My boss smirked.
I still wasn't use to the fact that they were actual friends, I always forget, but that's cause I only found that out recently. I just nodded my head and then left him there. Choi Minho, my boss, sure loves to tease me, he's also a perfectionist and ambitious person. I try to stay away from him for those reasons.
HwangJoon, the bartender, had momentary step out so I had to step in and serve a customer that wanted a drink. Work felt like it went by slowly. Three o'clock came and my shift was over. I ran to my locker and checked my phone hoping there would be a message, nothing. (Isn't he suppose to be here now? His plane had to have landed here two hours ago.)
I felt a little sad, disappointed that he hasn't let me know of his arrival. Sighing, I got my things out of my locker, putting my sweater on. I was dressed all in black and looked good. People always told me I looked mature and sexy when I wore my work clothes or black clothes compared to my usual way of dressing, which then people thought I was a kid, lazy and immature . I clocked out and said my goodbyes.
"Hold up!" Minho called out to me from the back door. I stopped walking and turned around. " I'll drive you."
"Ah! No, it's okay. I'll walk." I panicked.
"No, I'll take you." He said stubbornly. " Your university is too far for you to walk."
"I have other things to do first thats close by, before I go to my classes." I said, walking away. " My classes aren't until later anyways, so don't worry!" I yelled back running off before he forced me into his car.
He stood there with a worried face, watching me sprint away. Everyone thought today I was either at work or university, but the thing is, due to financial reasons, I had to put university on hold. No one knew and I plans to keep it that way. I also lost my place. When Hana left to France, she let me stay in her home and look after it, but now that she is back she might try and kick me out, try to force me back to my apartment that i no longer have.
I have more then one job, I couldn't afford college and I could barely pay my bills, housing, phone, car, living expenses, etc. I lost my home, but I didn't care for that. I almost lost something I cared for deeply, it's why I didn't pay my rent, that money went to my mothers flower shop. I'm almost done paying it off. If anyone knew this they would take it away from me and sell it and it's the only thing I have left of my mother.
Minho didn't know that the things I had to do was actually go check on the shop and then go to my second job at a club, were I worked as a bartender, it's how I know how to make mix drinks and all. I actually have 3 jobs total, a club, a restaurant, and a flower shop.
My mother died from a heart illness about four years ago. My parents had divorced when I was 9 years old and never heard from my dad until my mother's death. I am now 20 years old. My dad got remarried and has a step daughter, Hana, who is my step sister. We actually get along, most of the times. Now, my step mother, on the other hand, dislikes me a lot and I don't know why, but I can tell you one thing for sure, she's a gold digging b*tch. She has my dad wrapped around her little finger and she doesn't want him giving me any money, which I don't really care if he does or doesn't. She even convinced my dad to kick me out of the house once I turned 18. He said I should become independent and try living by myself.
I ran to the shop, only having a short amount of time before I got to be at the club to prep. my mom named the shop 'Flora'. I walked inside and greeted Amelia, my loyal employee who is older then me. She has been working for almost 6 years at the shop. She helps me take care of it and run it.
The shop, when you first enter, has one table off to a corner, register counter near the entrance, and flower pots all around with different types of flower. If you walk past all that towards the back, you will see a bathroom for customers and a door that leads to an office. Walk past that and out the back door, and you will see a small garden that me and my mom grew together, and stairs that lead up to the roof that has more floors. It's peaceful and being at the shop makes me forget all the pain and stress of life. Nami, my best friend, is the only one who knows that I still work at Flora. I checked on the flowers and they all seemed good, beautiful. My mom taught me the meaning of all the flowers and their colors.
"Sky, a man just placed an order for some flowers, he's wants them ready by 8 p.m." Amelia told me.
"8!? Wow that's late." I said, walking over to the counter. " What kind of flowers?"
" He wants two bouquet of flowers to give to two different people." She answered.
"The people, whats his relationship with them?" We always ask customers question on kinds of flower, color, style the want and for who its for, relationship with the people they are giving it to and occasion.
"Two female friend that his is visiting." Amelia said as she started look at the flowers. "I'm not to sure what to give him."
"Hmmm, friends…some baby breath, white lilacs for memories, pear blossoms for everlasting friendship, and in one put some yellow roses and the other, yellow and red roses together."
"Okay, thank you. Oh and which goes better with red daisies ?" she asked me. "He want one bouquet to have them and the other, yellow chrysanthemum.
"Hmm…the one with just the yellow roses should have the daisies." Red daisies means beauty unknown to possessor and yellow chrysanthemum means precious one.
Once it was five in the evening, I head to work at the club. My shift ended at 12 a.m. usually its later, but since it's the weekday and my boss thinks I've been working to much and too late, he lets me leave early. I wear the same clothes I work in at Minho's, to the club, just without the red bow and apron.
Sooo…i think I'm done… I'm tired and this is it for chapter 1, hopefully you like it and want more. Please tell me your thoughts and look out for my other fanfic stories I have and will have…hehe … ^^… sigh…I should sleep…
-.- zzz
So much in my head.
Until next time.
~ L out. Peace…
P.S. Sorry for any misspells! XS

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