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Chapter 4
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance
Warning: Mild Language
Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Taehyung POV
When Taehyung showed up at the cafe it was overwhelmingly crowded. He was frustrated that Namjoon slowed him down and now he had to wait in this long line. Taehyung was finally at the food counter and he grabbed himself a sandwich. He headed toward the cashier but stopped when a box caught his eye. He glanced at it for a moment then continued forward. He put his sandwich up at the register to pay for it. The old woman running the register told him the cost and as Taehyung pulled out his money he stopped. He grabbed his sandwich and said, “Actually I changed my mind, hold on a sec.” He ran back over to the box he saw, exchanged his sandwich for it and returned to the register. “A growing boy like you should eat more than sweets for lunch,” the old lady at the cash register said. Taehyung chuckled and said while smiling, “Yeah, but sometimes my sweet tooth really gets the best of me.” He handed her the money for the box of sweets and then headed out of the cafe.
‘Why did you even buy these,’ Taehyung thought as he stared at the box while walking. ‘Because you bought these now you won’t get to eat.’ A loud growl escaped Taehyung’s stomach. He hugged his stomach and whimpered. ‘She better like creme puffs,’ Taehyung thought as he walked around the school mindlessly.
Taehyung walked out into the garden and sat down on a bench just outside the door in the shade. He sat the box of creme puffs next to him and leaned back. Taehyung closed his eyes and could have easily fallen asleep as the warm air and light wind brushed his skin. “I love creme puffs! Will you share some with me?” Hearing this strange unfamiliar voice brought Taehyung out of his relaxed state. When he opened his eyes he saw some strange girl holding the box of creme puffs about to open it. “Hey!” Taehyung yelled at her and snatched the box from her hands. “These aren’t for you! And who the hell goes and starts getting into someone else’s food?” Right as the girl was about to say something he stood up and walked away pissed off.
He walked across the garden and that’s when he saw [Y/N]. All the anger he had seemed to fade away quickly. Taehyung felt his chest tighten and he started to walk over to her at a faster than normal pace. Noticing she was with a friend, he quickly hid himself behind some bushes. ‘Shit! Who is that with her,’ Taehyung thought while trying not to be noticed by them. He looked down at the box in his hand and thought, ‘Well now is the best time to give these to her. It would be better to do it now rather than having to deal with Namjoon in class since he thinks he owns her.’
Taehyung took a deep breath and headed toward [Y/N]. Once he was next to her he tossed the box of sweets in her lap. [Y/N] and her friend looked up at him but both had different expressions. [Y/N] looked surprised while her friend looked confused and shocked all at once. “Kim Taehyung?” [Y/N] asked looking him straight in the eyes, her cheeks a light shade of pink. “I told you I wanted to buy you something sweet to make up for what I did, so here it is. I got you creme puffs. I hope you like them. You can share them with your friend or throw them away if you don’t like them,” Taehyung rambled as he looked away from [Y/N] and stared at the ground while blushing. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Taehyung was about to say his goodbyes but his stomach’s growl interrupted him. Nana started laughing and said, “I don’t know who you are but sit and join us. You can have the rest of my lunch. I’m gonna eat some of these creme puffs.” Taehyung sat down facing both of the girls and gratefully took the remaining lunch from [BF/N].
“So your name is Kim Taehyung. My name is Im Jin-ah, but call me Nana. I’m [Y/N]’s best friend. How is it that you know my most important person?”
“He is just someone from class. Don’t worry about it Nana.” [Y/N] said as she looked panicked at Taehyung. Taehyung was able to determine that [Y/N] didn’t want to go into too much detail about what happened earlier. “No, no, no. I need answers. Kim Taehyung,” Nana said pointing at him, “if [Y/N] is saying something like that then something definitely happened. Now, spill it.”
Taehyung looked between the two girls and started to get a little nervous. Nana seemed more dangerous than [Y/N] but he didn’t want to upset [Y/N]. Trying to think of what to do and buy himself a bit more time he shoveled many bites of food into his mouth. Taehyung sighed and said, “Well let’s just say I was a little rude to [Y/N] and she didn’t deserve it. I offered to take her and buy her something from the cafe but she said she was meeting someone who I’m guessing was you. I ended up buying something anyway and then bumped into you guys by luck. That’s it, really. Nothing special.” Not giving Nana a chance to speak Taehyung gave the food container back to Nana, stood up and dusted off his pants. “Well, I think it’s about time I head back to the room. The bell ending lunch will be going off soon. Thanks again Nana for lunch. I hope you enjoy the creme puffs.” Taehyung flashed a quick boxy smile, turned around and waved at the two girls from behind while walking away.
Namjoon POV
After heading out of the classroom Namjoon wandered around the school halls trying to calm himself. He wasn’t expecting Ellin to be so forward. Namjoon found a somewhat quiet bench to sit on near the doors that go outside. “Well if it isn’t Kim Namjoon! What are you doing sitting here alone?” The familiar voice made Namjoon jerk his head in the direction it came from and saw Nana standing with [Y/N]. “Oh hey Nana, [Y/N],” Namjoon said as he waved lazily at the two girls, “What are you ladies doing?”
“Oooo, ladies? Heading back to class, bell’s about to ring you know," responded Nana.
“Oh is it? I wasn’t paying attention.” Namjoon pulled his phone out and looked at the clock seeing he only had a couple of minutes left. He stood up and stretched then looked at [Y/N] and said, “Wanna walk back together?” [Y/N] looked up at him and said, “sure, we are in the same class anyway. Nana is in the other hall.”
“Yup which means I’m gonna head out! See you guys later! Oh [Y/N] meet up with me at the same spot after school okay? We can go looking at clubs together.” Nana gave a quick hug to [Y/N] and then ran off to her class leaving [Y/N] and Namjoon alone together.
Namjoon suddenly felt himself getting very nervous as he realized he would be walking with [Y/N] back to class, just the two of them. Before Namjoon could say anything [Y/N] started to walk toward the classroom. He took a few large steps to catch up with [Y/N]. “So how was your lunch,” Namjoon asked as he tried to not walk too quickly back to the classroom. “It was good. It makes me happy that I can spend the whole lunch with Nana. I’m not used to not seeing her all day,” [Y/N] said looking down at her feet as she walked.
“Yeah you guys were always together in middle school. It must be a bit weird that you’re not anymore.”
“Yeah a little bit. But it makes it easier knowing I have you in class. It’s good to know somebody.” [Y/N] looked up at Namjoon with a sweet smile and then turned to face the way she was walking. He could feel his face turning shades of red he didn’t even know existed. Rubbing the bottom of his nose he smiled to himself and walked the remaining steps with [Y/N] in silence. ‘How is it possible that someone can have such a perfect smile,’ he thought to himself as both of them entered the classroom.
As Namjoon went to sit in his desk he accidentally made eye contact with Ellin. She smiled brightly and gave a small wave. He felt himself get a little nervous so he quickly sat down and turned his back to her. As he sat there facing the front he could feel the stare from Ellin at the back of head. ‘I really want to turn and talk to [Y/N],’ Namjoon thought, ‘But I don’t want to meet the gaze of Ellin. She makes me nervous. Why does she make me nervous?’ At the end of this thought a young man walked in and started the class.
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